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National Forest in Brazil.

A fellow is working in the forest when he sees what appears to be a portal. Out comes an alien! He turns to run, and knocks his head on a rock.

The alien picks up his paintbrush.

Harry is still strung out in the streets of NYC.

Violinda pulls Asta aside to talk about aliens. Goliath didn't make it. Six months ago, he turned to stone. Their species fossilize after death. Asta is frantic. If they can't talk to Goliath, they're in serious trouble.

Then Harry calls Asta. He's in alien form and asking bizarre questions.

Harry gets his human form back, and Asta tells him the bad news. Harry is feeling very out of sorts about his predicament.

Oh geez. It was Lisa who was at the pizza joint.

Kate comes home while D'Arcy is sleeping in Max's bed. Kate's mom said by alone time, her mom meant 24/7 tech support. D'Arcy starts coming down the stairs, but goes back upstairs and out the window.

Meanwhile, Kate is in the living room noticing the table was moved slightly and Ben's new wall hanging. She wants him to keep it up if he wants it up. They get into a I'll do what you want until she asks if he moved the coffee table, and he takes it down.

Ben wants to hang the Live, Laugh, Love sign at the office. He puts it in Liv's office, who also hates it.

Liv wants to post a UFO video, and Ben freaks out.

Mike has a dead tree-trunk arm because he got cut on a fence and Dr. Smallwood put his entire arm to sleep. Mike wants her fired. Ben cannot bring himself to do it.

Harry feels very alone. Goliath was his last chance to contact his planet and have a conversation in his beautiful language.

The painting shows an octopus, and Harry wonders if he had an octopus friend, too.

Harry has a strange reaction when he hears that Goliath's body was standing.

D'Arcy heads to the gym and does a heavy workout including weights and cardio.

Mike and Liv wander by Abigail's house. She's got a yard sale of Sam's things. Mike says that Sam always wanted him to read some crime books, and Abigail gives them to him.

Mike and Liv realize that Abigail is grieving heavily, and she's not a killer.

D'Arcy has memories of her accident.

She's taken a recovery day for 15 years, but it doesn't stop her and Kate from being quite competitive.

Kate gets a little dizzy.

Harry storms into the gallery. He needs to see Goliath. Harry breaks the statue. Inside is an egg. It's Violinda's baby with Goliath.

Asta recognizes a Lisa when she enters the studio asking about Goliath.

Kate is pregnant. The dizziness, and her beer tastes like soap. Kate puts her head in her hands. She doesn't really want another kid. Her entire life will be put on hold for the next 18 years. Kate thinks Ben will want the baby and a whole band's worth more, but D'Arcy isn't so sure.

Dr. Smallwood tells Ben he has aggressive cancer in his colon. Just after Ben's heart drops to his toes, Ellen rescues him. Ben realizes that she cannot continue practicing. When Ben falters, Ellen does his dirty work.

Everything goes to hell in the studio, and the egg is exposed and tossed around the room before Violinda gives Harry the egg as Goliath would have wanted.

Lisa is gone, but there are a couple of goons outside. But Lisa shoots them. They were from the Galvan/Powell Group.

D'Arcy wonders what it would be like to be a mom. She feels pretty down on herself. There are pregnancy tests in the bathroom. It's time to find out if she's really pregnant. She's not ready, but they have a nice moment.

Harry realizes that Goliath died so that he could have that baby.

Harry now has an egg that is contaminated with human. It is not a little like him, it is just like him.

Mike hoped the books would help him take his mind off of stuff, but it's not working. Dan offers to listen, and Mike opens up to him.

Mike feels like he's at a crossroads, and he doesn't know which way to go. He's worried that he put the wrong person behind bars, and the last time he made a mistake that big, Jesse died.

Dan lost someone in the war, too. He feels terrible about it, but he couldn't let it go. He ran from it for years. A soldier has to prevail, learn to honor who they lost. Joe's Diner is named after his lost friend. Dan says he can honor Jesse by being the best cop he can. Put the right person behind bars.

John has been waiting for Liv, who is inside feeling terrible since nobody believes her video.

Lisa finds Harry. She vastly underestimates him and makes an ass out of herself. Harry starts tossing her out the window. He kills her quickly, and her head is torn off by a passing train.

Mike and Harry visit Sam's office. They previously tried getting inside the killer's head. Now they need to get inside of Sam's.

Mike figures it out and discovers a note from Sam inside of a painting. It's the names of people inside of Galvan/Powell.

When Harry gets home, Ben has a suprise birthday party for him to try to lure him back to the practice. Inside Harry's bag, the egg cracks.

Resident Alien
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Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I saw so many humans today. Humans are gross, but they have each other.


I just saw an alien take off its head, and there was a human inside! Do I have a human inside of me? How many licks does it take to get to the human?