Revenge Season 4 Episode 15 Review: What The Future Holds

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There was a point in the middle of Revenge Season 3 where if the series had gone on hiatus and never returned, many of us would've been okay with that. (Minus the whole lack of closure thing...) 

But this season things are totally different. I spent weeks looking forward to Revenge Season 4 Episode 15 and it did not disappoint!

Emily Thorne's life is just as messy and complicated as ever and now that Jack is out of the box it's only going to get worse. Especially considering what seem to be her budding feelings for Officer Ben.

Was anyone else shocked to find Emily still at Ben's the morning after? I half expected she would sneak out in the middle of the night and return home under cloak of darkness only to have him ask her why she disappeared. This Emily Thorne is a very different Emily in some ways. 

Now that David Clarke is not only clear but also alive and home, this Emily is 

That's what was so important about the morning after scene with Ben, and even to some extent his sweaty proposition that they get together again that evening. Part of her enjoyed the flirting this time and there was no pretense that she had some other game running with him like the beginning of her relationship with Daniel. 

The "witty repartee" between Emily and Ben is real, but there's still a chance that a twist might be coming with these two where we learn they're both keeping each other close because they just can't fully trust each other. 

Ben knows about Emily/Amanda from overhearing Victoria tell Margaux the story. We know Victoria told Margaux an incorrect version of events, so unless a conversation has happened off camera where Emily has cleared things up for him, he knows Victoria's truth and not Emily's. Similarly, Emily is predisposed not to trust too easily and has probably hacked into Ben's history and knows everything about him that he's trying to keep hidden.

That's probably why they'll end up working together on Revenge Season 4 Episode 16 when Ben's ex-wife April needs to stay hidden from whomever might be coming after her thanks to Margaux. 

Ugh. Margaux. 

She's a smart girl, but she's not smart enough to outsmart Emily. Not yet, at least. But what I want to see more than I want to see them playing cat and mouse is for someone, anyone to sit Margaux down and tell her the truth about Daniel's death.

SHE IS A TRUSTWORTHY INDIVIDUAL! And Kate and that other guy who was after David are both dead. There is literally ZERO reason why Margaux can't know that Kate killed Daniel and Jack killed Kate in retaliation. None. Zero reason. 

Just tell her the truth already, people! GEEZ! 

But why do that when they can concoct a plan to break into LeMarchal to steal a computer and then alter said plan when Louise flounces home in the middle of the day whining about how Nolan doesn't really like her and only married her to help her get control of her money. (More on Nolan and Louise ina minute...)

While I appreciated the twist with Louise walking into the server room pretending to look for a Soul Cycle class, Emily sitting in Margaux' office taunting her was just dumb. 

Here's a woman who has proven she has the resources to dig up enough information to send you to jail--or worse--and you admit to breaking and entering and then tease her and tell her she has to be better than you if she plans to catch you? THAT IS PRETTY MUCH THE DUMBEST THING EVER. 

Leave a note and tell her to check the bracelet. Or you know what? Don't. Let Nolan kill the bug inside the bracelet remotely and let her go on questioning herself about Jack. 

Margaux got into the car after their meeting and felt played. She knew Jack had been working her over, but she didn't know that the bracelet was a trick. It would've created more suspense if Jack wasn't part of the reveal possible. Then Margaux could've really questioned herself over whether Jack had been setting her up at the park. 

That would've been the more compelling story, writers. (Look, call me. I'm always happy to spitball.)

In doing so, Jack could've continued to be friendly with Margaux. He's totally burned now. By Margaux AND by Emily.

Poor Jack Porter! He finally has the nerve to tell Emily that he thinks they should give a relationship a shot and she just shoots him down. Pew pew pew! Right out of the clouds. 

It's tough to be a Jemily fan, but I know they're out there. Half the time I'm one myself as long as I ignore everything I know about their supposed childhood love and their ages and that stupid, stupid beach wedding with Baby Jack and Baby Amanda and David presiding over it. Barf. 

I like Jack and Emily because he's home for her. He's comfort. He's the attachment to her old life which for so long it's seemed like she might need. Now that David's back, maybe she doesn't need that anymore and maybe that's where the writers are trying to take this. By bringing David back from the dead, so to speak, there's no longer an urgency to put Jack and Emily together. Yet. 

Let's be real. They're end game. We all have to be okay with that. I'm okay with that as long as I believe it.

Which brings me back to Nolan and Louise.

You guys all see the glaring, blinking, bright lights pointing where this is going, don't you? I just need to make sure I'm not alone. 

Nolan and Louise might end up consummating this sham marriage after all and I'm just not sure I'm okay with that. 

I like the idea of Nolan being happy and in a solid, stable relationship with someone who isn't trying to kill him or Emily or anyone else he cares about. He had that with Padma and she ended up dead and that was devastating, even though she didn't really work as a character in this world. Nolan deserves to get his happily ever after on.

But Louise Ellis? This is sort of weird. Maybe? I can't decide. All signs point toward a Loulan hookup on the horizon. And hey, they do have more affection for each other than a lot of married couples these days, right? 

I don't even know what to make of Gina Torres as a quasi-Anna Nicole Smith who stole Victoria Grayson's fortune from Edward Grayson and who has now set her sights on David Clarke so I'm not even going there. We'll talk about that one as it develops because WHAT? 

Anything to keep Victoria on this show when it has so clearly moved beyond her, I guess. 

What did you think of the return of Revenge? Was "Bait" everything you hoped it would be? Bemily or Jemily? Sound off in the comments below and remember to watch Revenge online to relive the best moments from the night!

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Look, no one knows what the future holds, but if you're an optimist, that... just means that anything is possible.


Simone: I can't lose my job over this.
Nolan: Well, I'll get you a new one. Even if that means I have to start a magazine.