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Back in Oklahoma, Grace brings Aaron to Priscilla, his wife before the blackout. Connor brings Monroe to his boss, and the boss asks Connor what they should do with Monroe. Connor says they should sell him to the highest bidder. Back in Willoughby, the patriots are building an encampment.
At the White House, Jason shows Tom the papers he found. They detail the reeducation camps that he was part of, and his new stepdad, Doyle, is behind them.
Priscilla tells Aaron she’s been seeing people, and Aaron tells her he been seeing people too. They both reminisce about seeing the fireflies. In Mexico, Monroe warns Connor he should get as far away as possible from Nunes. When Miles comes to rescue him, Monroe refuses to go, and during the escape Miles gets captured.
Tom and Julia have a fight over her new husband, and she warns him that if goes anywhere near her husband she can’t guarantee his protection. Connor whips Monroe out of allegiance to Nunes.
Grace explains that there are more nanites than there are neurons in a brain, and if they learned to network it would be a very big brain. Priscilla still wonders why it chose them, and it’s because of the code Aaron wrote and Priscilla helped with. It’s in nanites too, and they just want to know their parents.Grace ponders how the nanites are any different from God when they’re everywhere and have a mind of their own.
Gene sneaks into the camp, but is too late in saving his friend. He and Charlie are captured.
Connor tells Rachel how to rescue Monroe and Miles, but not before a guard overhears. Nunes tries to use Connor as leverage, but they’re all able to escape together. Connor wants to make sure Monroe can get back what was once his. He tells Connor that once they clean up the red, white, and blue pests they’ll get what they want.
Tom and Julia fight, only to realize it was Jason who broke into the office. Jason tells them that the reprogramming is just the beginning, and they are working towards taking people out. He’s arrested before anything else is said.
Finally, back at the encampment Charlie and Gene run into Truman. He reveals to them that the camp is a quarantine camp because Willoughby is facing a Typhus epidemic, and he needs their help.
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