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Betty tries to back out of planning/running the Homecoming Reunion weekend, but Principal Weatherbee forces her to stay in. Archie's mom Mary is in town for the divorce and the events.

Veronica's statement has helped her father's case. He might be moving to Riverdale or the family might move back to New York.

FP Jones is cleaning up his act. Jughead shares with him his manuscript about Jason Blossom's murder.

Archie pushes Veronica to explore their feelings after their moment, but she declines. He asks her to sing a duet and she declines again.

Alice pulls Veronica and Betty together to discuss the Jason Blossom investigation. The top suspects seem to be Hiram and FP Jones. Alice asks Betty to chat with Jughead about his father and Joaquin, but she declines. Veronica decides to team up with Alice to find out the truth about Hiram and FP.

Polly explores Thorn Hill and sees Mr. Blossom in a room covered in red wigs.

Cheryl tells the group that she is bringing Polly to the Homecoming dance. Archie asks Betty to perform a few songs at the dance; Veronica teams up with Archie for a few duets. She pulls him aside and pulls him into the investigation in searching FP.

Penelope Blossoms tells Polly that the east wing in Thorn Hill is off limits to her.

Alice invites Jughead and his dad to dinner. Betty worries that this is a ploy by Alice to dig into FP's story.

Mary and Fred tell Archie that they're going to the dance to hear him perform. Jughead contemplates going back home to be with his father. Archie, on the other hand, tells him not to rush into it. He's suspicious that FP is searching for information about the investigation. Archie agrees to work with Veronica to help Jughead and Betty.

Polly and Cheryl go snooping in Penelope and Clifford's closet to find jewelry. Clifford Blossom's hair turned white overnight. The Blossoms have the ring that Jason proposed to Polly with and they're keeping it a secret.

Alice slyly interrogates FP at the dinner. Betty invites her father to the dinner and doesn't tell her mother.

Penelope comes clean to Polly about the ring. According to her, Jason threw the ring at Clifford after Jason gave up any ties to the Blossom family. They kept the ring to protect it.

Polly drinks another of her daily milkshakes and it knocks her out. Her parents confirm the story about Jason to Cheryl; they compliment her as the true Blossom heir. Cheryl says that he flushed Jason's ring down the toilet.

Archie and Veronica go searching through FP's home to find any clues. They kiss.

Jughead asks to come back home. FP has other thoughts: He wants to move him and Jughead to Toledo to be with his wife and daughter.

Alice tries to drop the truth bomb to Mary about Fred and Hermione, but she's having none of it. Betty catches Alice talking with the others and she's suspicious of what they're doing. Archie and Veronica perform "Kids in America" on stage.

Sheriff Keller and the police arrive at FP's home to search it. They find a box containing a gun.

Betty confronts Archie and Veronica about their investigation. Jughead learns the truth, but before he walks away, Kevin and the parents arrive to tell him that FP was arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom.

Jughead breaks down at his father's trailer. Betty goes searching for Jughead and admits that she loves him to Alice. Everyone is worried that FP's arrest will expose all their secrets.

Mary asks Archie to think about moving to Chicago to live with her.

Cheryl has Jason's ring. She didn't flush it down the toilet.

Veronica and Archie tell Betty that FP is being framed. Someone placed the gun and the lockbox in the trailer after they left.

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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Alice: Well, well, well...Mary Andrews.
Mary: Well, well, well...Alice Cooper.
Alice: I saw you swanning in earlier with Fred and Hermione. I didn't realize that you were polyamorous.
Mary: I don't think that's an actual word.
Alice: It's a compliment, Mary.
Mary: Huh.
Alice: I couldn't be seen in the same room with those two not after all of their monkey business. Oh. Oh, did you not know?
Mary: You have been playing the same game since Junior High and it was tired even back there. Fred is a big boy and he can do as he pleases. I came here tonight to have fun with both of my dates. So if you have a problem with that...

Betty: Kevin said someone tipped off his dad. Was it you?
Alice: I was at the dance.
Betty: Answer the damn question, Mom. And don't lie. Was it you?
Alice: It was not. Though, I'm glad that you're safe and as much as I like Jughead, I am so glad that you're done with that family.
Betty: Done? I love Jughead. He's as much as my family as you are, more so right now.
Alice: You are not going anywhere, young lady.
Betty: I'm going to look for Jughead. Do not push me tonight, Mom, because I will push back.
[She leaves]