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Fred warns Archie that the divorce between he and his wife will almost be finalized.

Hermione prepares Veronica for the deposition to help free Hiram from jail. Archie and Betty tell Veronica that he overheard the Blossoms confirming they sent Hiram to jail.

Archie tells Betty that it's Jughead's birthday. She invites his father to come join them for a surprise movie night. FP Jones declines. Betty decides she wants to throw a surprise birthday party for Jughead.

Chuck Clayton returns to Riverdale High. Betty calls him out when he sits and talks with Ethel. He says that he's apologizing to Ethel. Betty is so mad she cut into her hand with her nails.

Betty goes to convince FP Jones to attend the party. Alice Cooper is the new journalism advisor at Riverdale High.

Jughead isn't happy that Betty and Archie are going to throw a birthday celebration. His family never really celebrated in the past.

Veronica looks into why the Blossoms framed her father. It seems the Blossoms have been paying Hiram a secret business fee for years.

Veronica challenges Cheryl to a dance off for the spot on top of the cheerleading pyramid. Veronica wins the spot. Cheryl is mad at her minions for not siding with her; she fires them and kicks them off the cheerleading team.

Archie gets upset over his dad's latest call that he begins drinking alcohol from the cabinet.

Cheryl teams up with Chuck to takedown Betty and Veronica.

Veronica sees the lawyer about her father's case. They didn't share any details about the framing as they think he'll be implicated in Jason's murder. Hiram writes Veronica a letter warning her about her mother's shady dealings and what will happen to Hermione.

Betty and Veronica goes to a theater to see An American Werewolf. They return back to Archie's house where the group surprises them with cake. Archie has been drinking a lot.

Jughead is creeped out by Betty singing Happy Birthday. Cheryl arrives at the house with a keg, Chuck, Moose and a bunch of people for a huge house party.

While everyone is partying in the house, Jughead hides away in the garage. FP Jones arrives with a gift for Jughead. FP breaks up a make-out session between Joaquin and Kevin.

Betty slaps Chuck after he insults her about the night she and Veronica tortured him. Meanwhile, FP and Joaquin are talking about the Hiram/Blossom scandal. Alice is spying on them from next door.

Betty and Jughead get into an argument. Jughead thinks he and Betty are just on borrowed time.

Archie bumps into Valerie and tries to talk to her. Valerie declines, but when he tries again, she knocks her drink into him. Archie goes into a drunken haze and calls his dad.

Cheryl hosts a game of Secrets & Sins at the party. She reveals that Hiram bought the drive-in land and Dilton Doily reveals Ms. Grundy was the river on July 4th. Everyone puts the pieces together that Archie and Ms. Grundy had an affair. Chuck tries to call Betty crazy, but FP kicks Chuck out of the house and ends the party.

Jughead and Betty patch things up. She admits to the "darkness" inside of her and that something isn't right.

Archie admits to Veronica that he told his dad to not sign the divorce papers. He and Veronica kiss; they hookup that night.

Veronica agrees to go on record to support her parents. She wants to help her mother. She also wants to join in the investigation to solve Jason's murder.

Archie's mom returns to Riverdale.

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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Cheryl: Secrets & Sins, it's like Truth or Dare in which we own our truths by telling it like it is. I'll start the game with...Veronica Lodge.
Veronica: Naturally.
Cheryl: Let's begin with the day you and your mob wife of a mother came to town for a so called fresh start. Tell us Veronica, what's so fresh about defiling Archie Andrews in a closet?
Veronica: That was your doing...
Cheryl: Moving on! To dear Daddy Lodge, isn't it true that your father, from prison, illegally purchased the drive-in land? Which makes me wonder, what else is he doing from behind bars?
Veronica: Well, I can't speak for my father, but I can think of someone with a very dirty secret. Specifically, Cheryl killing her very own brother.
Cheryl: Everyone knows how much I loved my brother.
Veronica: Exactly. But did you love him maybe in ways a sister shouldn't love a brother? And as you got older, Jason started to think it was strange, unnatural. So he chose Polly over you, so you shot him between the eyes with one of your father's many hunting rifles.
Kevin: This is riveting. I. Can't. Breathe.

Betty: I should've told you about Chuck, but I lied. And instead threw you this party you didn't want.
Jughead: Why did you?
Betty: Something is very...very wrong with me. Like, there's this darkness in me that's overwhelming. Sometimes I don't know where it comes from, but I think that's what makes me do things.