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During the summer, the Blossom twins went out for a canoe trip but only Cheryl came back home; her brother Jason went missing.

Rich girl Veronica Lodge moves to the town of Riverdale.

Kevin urges Betty to tell Archie that she likes him. The two go to the Chock'lit Shoppe to catch-up since he returned to the town. Archie is passionate about music and wants to pursue it.

Veronica interrupts them at the diner and Archie is smitten with the new girl. Veronica hates Riverdale.

Betty's mother does not like Jason Blossom -- she hates him because of what he did to Betty's sister Polly in the past. Betty secretly takes Adderall.

Veronica finds out that everyone in school and town knows the truth about her father. He is an evil man.

Archie asks to work with Josie and the Pussycats, but Josie (the leader) turns him down. They'll only work with songs they create.

Archie and Ms. Grundy (his teacher) hooked up over the summer when he was working in construction.

Veronica's mother goes to Archie's father in search of a job. He turns her down.

Cheryl meets Veronica and welcomes her to audition for the cheerleading squad. She forces Betty to try out too.

Archie plays his music to Ms. Grundy. She encourages him to pursue his music, but not to try to rekindle anything. He wants to talk about what happened during the summer: He and Ms. Grundy heard a gunshot.

Veronica and Betty try out for cheerleading -- they kiss each other to surprise the team, but they're not impressed. Cheryl interrogates Betty about the drama involving her sister (who is at a group home) and her brother. Cheryl offers Veronica a spot on the squad but not Betty. Veronica stands her ground and gets Betty on the team.

Veronica and Betty reveal their pasts to each other: Veronica made a pact to change herself in Riverdale after the scandal with her father while Betty is hard on herself after her mother disowned her sister after her breakdown over Jason Blossom's breakup.

Veronica encourages Betty to ask Archie to the dance. Archie will go to the dance with both Betty and Veronica.

Betty's mother demands Betty quit the cheerleading team, but she refuses.

Archie's father finds out Archie is lying about his plans. Archie admits to wanting to study music.

Moose propositions Kevin at the dance to hookup.

Ms. Grundy will run a work study program for Archie to develop his music.

Betty makes her move on Archie, but he is apprehensive.

Cheryl forces Archie and Veronica to play seven minutes in heaven. Archie doesn't have true love feelings for Betty. Archie and Veronica kiss in the closet.

Archie goes searching for Betty and ends up at the Chock'lit Shoppe. He talks to Jughead about Jason's death.

Archie doesn't think he's good enough for Betty; he'll  never be good enough for her since she's perfect.

Kevin and Moose, while going off to hook up, find the dead rotting body of Jason in the lake. He was murdered and shot in the head. According to Jughead's voiceover, the first arrest would be made a day after the autopsy.

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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

What is a "Chock'lit Shoppe" and why does it sell burgers?!


Our story is about a town; a small town and the people who live in the town. From a distance, it presents itself like so many other small towns all over the world...safe, decent, innocent. Get closer though and you start seeing the shadows underneath. The name of our town is "Riverdale".