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The Black Hood charges into Thistle House and breaks through Cheryl's bedroom door with an ax. Cheryl makes a run for it and arms herself with a bow to fight. She shoots an arrow into his shoulder.

Fangs survived the gunshot and was rushed to the hospital.

Cheryl calls Betty to warn her about The Black Hood. She thinks the killer is wild and will do anything to get revenge. Betty calls Alice to warn her too.

Archie, Moose and Kevin team up to find Reggie. The Serpents are looking for him.

Hermione has doubts about Hiram; he wants her to go to the Register to make an announcement.

Reggie calls Hiram for help, but he doesn't do anything.

The town of Riverdale is rioting. Veronica goes to Midge's mother to help her; she's in shock over the gunfire. Mrs. Klump shot Fangs.

Hermione announces a bounty of one million dollars for whoever brings The Black Hood dead or alive.

Cheryl shares a tip with Betty on where to find The Black Hood. She warns her cousin to not go after the killer.

Sweet Pea and the Southside Serpents vandalize Riverdale High. Even though they reveal the shooter, the Southsiders want to burn the place down. Principal Weatherbee breaks up the impending fight.

Pop Tate calls Archie to come help Reggie at the diner.

FP Jones calls Betty to inform her that Hal is at hospital. He has suffered injuries during the riots.

Veronica breaks into Hiram's desk and finds a folder with photos of Fred and Hermione dating.

The Ghoulies arrive at Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe for chaos. The group barricades the place, but the Ghoulies start breaking the windows and cars. Sheriff Keller, FP and Fred break up the fight.

Hermione knows about the Fred story in Hiram's desk. Veronica is disgusted that her mother is fine with it.

The Black Hood murdered Doctor Masters; he asked too many questions about the injuries. The Black Hood wants Betty to come home or else he'll kill Alice.

Penny Peabody is holding Toni as hostage. She wants Jughead to visit the docks or she'll cut up Toni.

Betty rushes home to find Hal about to play old home movies to Alice. The reel is from his past, where it reveals that his father was the one who killed the Conways.

Grandpapi Cooper killed Grandpapi Blossom, and he killed the Conways because they knew the family changed their name. Hal has the darkness inside him too. Hal Cooper is The Black Hood.

Hal shot Fred. He killed Ms. Grundy, the Sugarman, Midge and Doctor Masters, but he didn't shoot up the debate. He was triggered by Betty's speech.

Someone breaks into the Andrews home and fights Archie. The person is wearing the black mask and shoots Fred. Fred was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

Jughead and Cheryl save Toni. Penny makes an ultimatum for the Serpents: Either they leave town or the Ghoulies will come for a fight.

Papa Poutine's son, Small Fries, breaks into the Lodge home with the intent to kill Hermione and Veronica. Hermione loads up a gun and starts shooting; she kills Small Fries.

Fangs didn't survive the gunshot. The Serpents vote to go with war with the Ghoulies.

Hal tries to suffocate Alice, but Betty knocks him with a fireplace poker. Alice hits him again.

Jughead offers Hiram a counteroffer instead of working with Penny or the Ghoulies.

Hiram finds Andre murdered. Veronica and Hermione tell Hiram he needs to clean up his own mess.

Hal Cooper is arrested. Archie warns her that another Black Hood tried hurting him.

Jughead calls Betty and says that he loves her. Jughead offered himself up to be fought by the Ghoulies. FP goes searching for Jughead.

FP brings Jughead out of the woods and he's badly beaten. A pound of flesh is missing from his arm.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Veronica: Mom. Sheriff Pinada.
Hermione: Veronica, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at home with Andre.
Veronica: Andre’s in the car. We had to make a detour.
[Veronica looks at the Black Hood bounty sign]
Veronica: Good lord, Mom. Are you and Daddy trying to turn Riverdale into Gotham City?

Hal: Who am I, Betty? Say it. Say who I am!
Betty: You’re The Black Hood.
Hal: That’s right. Now say what I did.
Betty: You shot Mr. Andrews, you killed Ms. Grundy, Sugar Man, Midge, Dr. Masters. But the debate...
Hal: Was not me. I can’t take credit for that.