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Veronica, Betty and Archie mourn over Jughead's grave. This turns out to be hallucination as Jughead wakes up in a hospital. FP reveals that the Serpents came out to fight the Ghoulies to honor Jughead and Fangs.

Fangs didn't die from the shot. His death was a lie to incite the Serpents into a fight. The remainder of the Serpents either defected to the Ghoulies, left town or were killed. The Southside Serpents are no more.

Betty and Jughead drop out of the student election.

Veronica is helping Fred with his campaigning. She plans to drop out of the student council election.

Fred, Veronica, Betty and Jughead team up to figure out who the man in the black hood was who attacked her.

Cheryl signs the emancipation papers. She witnesses Claudius and Penelope have a secret meeting with someone.

Alice gets mad at gawkers who are taking photos in front of her house. Betty stays home from school to help her during the stressful time.

Archie identifies Hal as The Black Hood. He gets mad that Sheriff Maneda doesn't care about the attack at his home.

Kevin comforts Moose in the bathroom; he breaks down over Midge's locker being cleaned. Kevin and Moose kiss.

Reggie and Josie drop out of the student election. The election is between Veronica and Ethel.

Cheryl tells Veronica that Hiram had been meeting with Penelope and Claudius. Veronica confronts her father.

Many of the Serpents who couldn't leave Sunnyside are hiding out at the Whyte Wyrm.

FP wants to leave town and join his wife and daughter in Toledo.

Sierra McCoy gives Fred advice that he needs to go after the Southside community to get votes.

Sheriff Maneda says that Tall Boy was the man who broke into Archie's home and shot into the town hall. The officers killed Tall Boy.

Alice and Polly want Betty to visit Hal, but she refuses.

Hermione confirms that Hiram was the one who set up the shooting in the town hall. Hermione tells Veronica that Hiram plans to take control of the entire Southside. He only needs to purchase the Whyte Wyrm to get full property control.

Veronica and Sierra force Hiram to give back the million dollars from the St. Clair kidnapping.

Penelope warns Cheryl that the police were planning to raid the Whyte Wyrm. The Serpents leave the Southside and find shelter in the Andrews home.

The students of Riverdale High wear Serpent jackets to protest the Serpents being forcibly transferred out of the school. Principal Weatherbee relents.

Veronica tells Jughead about her father's plan. She buys the Whyte Wyrm and makes a deal with Hiram to get Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Hiram forces him to give up her inheritance, allowance and everything from the Lodge business.

Jughead comforts Betty and reassures her that she won't turn evil.

Both the town election and the student election are head in the school gym.

Betty visits her father in jail. She says goodbye to her father and the darkness inside her.

Archie wins the student council election and the Southside High students are allowed to stay in school.

FP retires from the Southside Serpents. He makes Jughead the new leader and as his first duty, he gives Cheryl a red leather jacket.

Hermione won the town election by less than 200 votes.

Archie confronts Hiram about his setting up Tall Boy to attack his father and all the murders that happened in his pursuit to control the Southside.

Veronica wants to reopen the speakeasy below Pop's dinner into a bar for North and Southsiders.

Hiram has created a new group consisting of Hiram, Claudius, Penelope, Penny, the sheriff and the leader of the Ghoulies to take over the town.

Polly plans to invite over the man from the farm to visit Alice.

Jughead asks Betty to help lead the Southside Serpents.

Hiram and the Sheriff pin the murder of the Shadowlake robber, Cassidy, on Archie. He's arrested and taken out of the school auditorium.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

FP: Jughead.
Jughead: What did I miss?
FP: What you did brought ever Seprent I’ve ever known out of the woodwork. You would’ve been proud of them, boy. It looked like we were gonna win the day, but in the end, there were just too many Ghoulies. It ewas like shooting snakes in a barrel.
Jughead: Why? Why did you go?
FP: I wanted to avenge you.
Jughead: I had an agreement with Hiram Lodge.
FP: There was no stopping the others. They were churned up about you and Fangs, even though Fangs is ... alive.
Jughead: Fangs is alive?!

Veronica: Daddykins, care to comment on the rumors that you’ve been having meetings with Claudius and Penelope Blossom in their barn?
Hiram: Certainly. I’m looking to diversity Lodge Industries holdings by possibly getting into the maple trade.
Veronica: So, it’s not that you enlisted Claudius to impersonate The Black Hood and take pot shots at Mom during the town hall debate?
Hermione: Veronica, have you lost your mind?!
Hiram: Your imagination is getting the better of you.
Veronica: Maybe, maybe not. But, I don’t think any of us in this room can deny that it’s at least possible that you’d put Mom in the crosshairs to pursue some personal political agenda