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The town mourns Midge at her funeral. Cheryl sings a song as a tribute; she and the other River Vixens are in black cheerleading uniforms.

Sheriff Keller conducts interviews with cast members from the musical, like Ethel and Moose. Archie thinks they caught the wrong person before; he believes The Black Hood is still alive.

Cheryl proclaims she will hunt down the killer. Mrs. Klump slaps Sheriff Keller for letting her daughter die; Cheryl threatens him.

Jughead thinks Chic is the killer. Archie, on the other hand, believes that someone else is the mastermind who was controlling Mr. Svenson.

Veronica wants Archie to not patrol or do anything reckless. The Black Hood is going after those who escaped his grasp.

Sheriff Keller wants to speak with Chic, but Hal plans to bring him to the police station the next day.

The Black Hood watches Archie from a distance. Archie wants Fred to leave town, but he refuses.

Veronica shuts down any shady plans that her parents had in mind for Cheryl Blossom.

Betty asks Jughead to help her in investigating Chic. She wants to learn more about his past and if he's connected to Mr. Svenson.

Hermione Lodge visits Cheryl to write an editorial about Sheriff Keller.

Jughead and Betty visit the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. They blackmail the Sister into letting them review Chic's files. It's revealed that the photo in Charles Smith's file does not match Chic.

Archie is beat up by a group of mysterious men in black masks.

Betty and Jughead confront Chic about the photo. He reaches for a knife and accidentally slices Alice. Betty knocks him out after he tries slicing at Jughead.

Nick St. Clair calls Veronica to reveal that he kidnapped Archie as revenge. He wants a million dollars or else he'll permanently hurt him.

Veronica tells her parents about kidnapping. His parents are also mobsters and the Lodges are thinking about what to do.

Alice tells Betty that many years ago, her son had come to visit her but she turned him away. She fears that he died and Chic took over his life.

Nick wants to get his "bones" with Archie. He wants to show his dad that he can run the family business.

Veronica gets half the money for the exchange. Nick forces her to go to the Chock'lit Shoppe to make the deal. He makes an offer to Veronica: If they sleep together, he'll let Archie go.

Cheryl releases her article. Someone vandalizes Sheriff Keller's car and tags it with "Killer."

Alice reveals to FP that he had his baby, Charles, and put him up for adoption. Because of her actions, the real Charles died. She asks for forgiveness.

The Black Hood calls Betty and reveals he knew that Chic was impersonating Charles.

Nick plots to put a livestream in the hotel room so Archie can watch him sleeping with Veronica.

Chic's neighbor reveals that Betty's brother is dead. Betty knows that Chic killed him since the neighbor saw bloody sheets. Jughead punches Chic to get information, but FP stops him.

Alice plans to tell Hal the truth before deciding what to do with Chic.

While Nick and Veronica are drinking champagne, Archie watches the livestream. He breaks free from his ropes and escapes the factory.

Alice tells Hal the truth about hiding the dead body. Betty plans to cut Chic loose and lead him with Ms. Grundy's gun.

Nick passes out form a drugging. Veronica calls Nick's dad and offers him back for a fee.

Betty holds Chic at gunpoint in the cemetery. He reveals that he killed Charles in fit of anger when he lost control.

The Black Hood arrives to kill Chic. Betty lets Chic go at a chance of safety; Chic makes a run for it.

Sheriff Keller resigns from his post.

Veronica gets a million dollars from the St. Clairs. She tells her parents that they'll need to tell Archie they abandoned him.

Archie wants to get his bones by killing The Black Hood.

Betty is suspicious that her dad might be The Black Hood.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Hermione: What’s all this?
Veronica: It’s ransom money. Not for Archie, I got him back. No, this is from when I turned the tables on Nick and held for ransom instead. His parents gave me a cool million for my trouble.
Hiram: I told you I was handling the St. Clairs.
Veronica: Funny enough, they hadn’t heard boo about Archie’s kidnapping, but I’ll leave that to you to explain to Archie. He’s in the study waiting for you.

Veronica: Are you okay? Whether or not The Black Hood is back, I don’t want “Death Wish Archie” to come back.
Archie: You saw that note, Veronica. Written in Midge’s blood. If The Black Hood is going after victims who escaped him, that means my dad is next, or Moose, or Betty, or you, or me. It could be anyone.
Veronica: That’s exactly why I need you sane and steady right now.
Archie: I am. I will be.
Veronica: Promise me you won’t patrol the streets or break into Svenson’s house.
Archie: Ronnie...
Veronica: It’s just, I can’t bear the thought of anything bad happening to you.