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Kevin asks Jughead to videotape the behind-the-scenes footage of putting on Carrie: The Musical.

The group perform "In" from the musical. Fred thinks it would be good for Archie to help with construction again.

Archie is playing Tommy, Betty is Sue, Veronica is Chris, Alice is Mrs. White, and Cheryl is playing Carrie. Chuck agrees to the play to repair his image.

Archie tries to repair the burnt bridges between him, Veronica, Betty and Jughead. Betty doesn't trust Veronica.

Cheryl bursts into song ("Carrie") to show Ethel, Josie and other naysayers that she deserves the part of Carrie. A sandbag releases itself and nearly crushes her.

Kevin finds a letter from "The Black Hood" demanding that the role of Carrie be recast. He swears Jughead to secrecy.

Archie, Betty, Veronica and Chuck practice "Do Me A Favor."

Archie asks Veronica to hide the car in their garage as his dad will be upset while the election is going on.

Hermione worries that Fred has a legit chance to win the election.

Betty interrogates Ethel about the letter. Ethel sees Jughead recording and exclaims that she had nothing to do with potentially hurting Cheryl.

Alice goes to see FP at the Chock'lit Shoppe, but he brushes her off.

Josie and Cheryl perform "Unsuspecting Hearts." Cheryl asks for forgiveness in the torment she sent Josie.

Veronica practices "The World According to Chris." Betty calls out Veronica on all her bad habits; she thinks Veronica is a mirror image to the character she portrays in the musical. Archie tells Betty that she needs to forgive Veronica.

Archie and Betty practice "You Shine." Betty apologizes to Veronica and the two make up.

While Fred and Archie build sets, Hiram drops the news about Archie's news car. Fred is upset that Hiram took away an important moment in his life with Archie.

Chic isn't returning Alice's phone calls.

Kevin finds another letter from The Black Hood. The letter is threat about getting rid of Cheryl.

Kevin asks to leave the production for her safety. Penelope arrives and says that she will not give Cheryl permission to perform. She is forced to drop out.

Kevin announces that Midge, her understudy, will take over the role.

Toni comforts Cheryl.

Alice and Midge perform "Stay Here Instead." Alice breaks down on stage; she runs off and Betty goes to comfort her.

Archie returns the car keys to Hiram and tells him to stop getting in between his relationship with his father.

Hal Cooper brings Alice flowers, which she's allergic to. He asks her if he can return to home; she wants all secrets out in the open. Alice tells him Chic isn't his son.

Archie bought an old car for him and Fred to rebuild together.

During backstage prepping, the cast perform "A Night We'll Never Forget."

Cheryl drenches herself in blood and confronts Penelope about what she did with Claudius. She demands to be emancipated and live at Thistle House with Nana Blossom; she wants Penelope and Claudius to leave.

FP leaves the play after seeing Hal and Alice together.

Jughead finds a bunch of cut-up magazines and sheets in Ethel's trashcan. He thinks that she was the one who sent the letters.

Veronica makes peace with Chuck.

Jughead and Kevin interrupt Fangs giving Midge notes in her room. Jughead is pushed out of the way when Moose walks by.

Chic attends the musical and wishes Betty luck.

While Alice performs a song ("Evening Prayers"), a surprise is revealed with Midge stabbed against the stage set wall with lots of messages on the wall. The Black Hood is the killer.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Kevin: I have a dark confession to make. After Cheryl’s brush with death this morning, I found a letter in my locker from someone alleging to be, and I can’t believe I’m about to say this, The Black Hood. It’s bad, just look.
[He shows Jughead and the camera the letter]
Kevin: Why would The Black Hood, who was shot dead by my dad, be demanding the role of Carrie be recast?
Jughead: Yeah, it does seem pretty small potatoes for The Black Hood.
Kevin: Still, Jug, you can’t tell anyone about it. As the official documentarian, you’re sworn to secrecy. Also, the show, as they say, must go on.

Kevin: Okay, Veronica, I’m obsessed with everything that just happened.
Veronica: Thank you! It helps to be off-book and in full costume.
Betty: Don’t be so modest, you are the literally embodiment of Chris. Never has a role been perfectly typecast.
Archie: Betty!
Veronica: What was that, Betty?
Betty: I mean think about it: Spoiled rich girl, check. Major daddy issues, check. Bad to the bone, trying to control everyone around her, including her boyfriend and best friend. Check, check, check.