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Fred and Archie are selling Christmas trees during the holidays.

Betty has a nightmare The Black Hood killed her and her family.

Veronica had purchased a gift for Archie before their breakup. She still plans to give him the gift.

Kevin holds a Secret Santa with all of their friends. Archie gives Betty a familiar record from their past. Moose returns to school after being shot.

A new janitor has shown up to work at Riverdale High. They're worried that confronting Mr. Svenson has caused his death. He had called in sick.

Jughead apologizes to Betty for what he did and he gives her a give. She's mad at him, but she gives him a gift too.

Veronica gifts Archie her gift. The gift is a watch with an engraving of the song lyrics, "Mad World."

The Southside Serpents are wrapping gifts for charity. Jughead keeps trying to get involved but FP says no.

Betty and Archie visit Mr. Svenson's home. but there is no answer.

FP's parole officer visits Jughead's home.

Veronica asks her parents to pay for Fred's medical bills. He refuses and the two get into an argument.

Cheryl decorates her home in a Christmas tree and ornaments. Penelope gets angry since they can't afford it. Cheryl dismisses her and tells her to get a job.

Betty receives a gift from The Black Hood: It's a severed finger. The Black Hood challenges Betty to discover Mr. Svenson's sin to save his life.

Veronica goes digging into Hiram's desk and discovers that he bought Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe.

FP's bag contained gifts for Jughead and his family. FP feels trapped by Penny as he has no leverage.

Veronica pays for Fred's bills using Hermione's card.

Jughead calls on the younger members of the Southside Serpents to get revenge on Penny Peabody.

The nun at Mr. Svenson's orphanage reveals that Mr. Svenson's sin is that he inaccurately accused someone of killing his family.

The Southside Serpents kidnap Penny Peabody. They bring her to Greendale and tell her she is not allowed back in town. Jughead cuts out her tattoo.

Veronica confronts her family about the diner. They agree to tell her the truth about the business.

Archie and Betty visit Nana Blossom to find out the truth about the murder. She tells them that Betty's grandfather was one of the men who killed The Riverdale Reaper.

Betty and Archie kiss.

Hiram and Hermione tell Veronica the truth. She agrees to join in, but with only two caveats: She will do no illegal acts and the bill for Fred is cleared.

Jughead tells FP what he did to Penny. He is proud for what he did.

Archie and Betty find the grave of The Riverdale Reaper. They dig it up to reveal no one in the coffin.

The Black Hood arrives, holds a gun to Betty's head and tells Archie to get in the coffin. He forces Betty to start putting dirt in the grave.

Betty hits The Black Hood with a shovel and frees Archie. They chase down The Black Hood and Sheriff Keller shoots him as he tries to escape.

The Black Hood is the janitor, Mr. Svenson.

Cheryl walks downstairs and finds her mother with a man.

Veronica gets a gift from Archie. It's a locket with their faces in it.

Betty gave a typewriter to Jughead.

Jughead gave Betty a book.

Veronica tells Archie she loves him. She wants to get back together with him. Someone snaps photographs of them kissing on the front porch.

Betty burns the letters from The Black Hood, but she doesn't burn the hood.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Archie: Your instinct about Svenson were right, Ronnie. You thought he was The Black Hood. We could’ve ended it, right there at school where we confronted him. I didn’t see it...I...I...I didn’t see it in his eyes.
Veronica: Forget his eyes. I can’t believe he cut off his own finger.
Betty: The finger of accusation.

Penelope: Cheryl Marjorie Blossom! What have you done?!
Cheryl: Isn’t it obvious, Mother? I saved Christmas. Look how happy Nana Rose is.
Penelope: You spoiled wretched little brat. How do you expect to pay for all of this?!
Cheryl: Oh, I was thinking...maybe you could go to Mr. Lodge for a job? Of course, he’d probably ask what skills you have and you’d be forced to admit that only skill you have is being a terrible mother. So I guess you’re gonna have to get creative in the New Year.
[Cheryl leaves]
Nana: You should have drowned them at birth, like a basket of kittens.