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Hermione Lodge makes a case to Principal Weatherbe to shut down Heathers: The Musical because of its themes of suicide and bullying. Kevin counters that argument by performing "Beautiful."

Veronica places a Help Wanted sign for a new bouncer.

Cheryl Blossom is playing the role of Heather Chandler, Betty is Heather Duke, and Veronica is Heather McNamara.

Kevin invites Evelyn Evernever to help co-direct the musical with him.

Josie will play Veronicqa Sawyer, Sweet Pea will play JD, Reggie will be Ram Sweeney, Archie is Kurt, and Toni is the choreographer.

Cheryl gives Toni the cold shoulder when she tries to show them a dance routine. Cheryl, Betty, Veronica perform "Candy Store." Toni and the Pretty Poisons crash the song to show their dance routine.

Betty confronts Evelyn about her intentions for co-directing the musical. Evelyn says she's only doing it for fun. She invites everyone for a cast party at The Farm.

Tent City has been raised by a group. Jughead wants to investigate the cause of the attack.

Hiram and Hermione decide to separate. Hiram is moving out to stay at a hotel. Hermione reveals to Veronica that Hiram discovered everything about her selling drugs.

The group partners in the former Gargoyle King chapel in the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. The group performs "Big Fun." Veronica and Reggie makeout before sneaking out to hook up.

Sweet Pea gets uncomfortable seeing Josie and Archie together.

Reggie thinks he and Veronica are "endgame."

Evelyn gives Kevin a mushroom treat to enjoy. Kevin experiences a vision of seeing Midge murdered on the wall by The Black Hood.

Kevin and Fangs admit that they're both having nightmares/visions of Midge. Sweet Pea reveals he's still hung up on Josie; neither Betty and Veronica knew about Archie's relationship with Josie. Veronica reveals that her parents are separating.

Josie doesn't want to make the relationship official with Archie. She thinks they only got together because they were lonely.

Reggie doesn't think a romance between he and Veronica is something they need to be doing at that moment.

Cheryl gets mad at Toni for wearing a red outfit to school. She demands that Toni leave school by Monday.

Toni performs "Dead Girl Walking." Before she has a threesome with Sweet Pea and Peaches, she changes her mind and leaves.

Betty takes a camera to investigate Evelyn's secret cast rehearsal. She finds Evelyn, Kevin, and Fangs performing "Our Love is God" with a bunch of The Farm kids wearing 3D glasses. Kevin and Fangs lightly kiss.

Archie wants to figure out what his and Josie's relationship could be. Archie and Josie perform "Fight For Me."

Betty shows the photos to Principal Weatherbe, but he dismisses the photos. He is a follower of The Farm.

Toni visits Cheryl to raise the white flag and make amends. She thinks they can work things out.

Jughead and Betty return to his childhood home to a cooking lab for drugs. They feel down about all the bad things happening in their lives. Jughead, Betty, Cheryl, and Toni sing "Seventeen."

Jughead wants to steal back his trailer, but Betty thinks he should let it go.

Veronica makes a plea to Hiram for him to come back home. Hiram reveals he knows about Hermione trying to murder him twice. He doesn't consider them family since Veronica knew about it.

Veronica sings "Lifeboat." She asks Hiram and Hermione to come to the musical for one last happy family memory.

FP is attacked by an addict in the middle of the road playing Gryphons and Gargoyles.

Cheryl and Toni are in the midst of happiness and kissing.

A flashback reveals Betty and Jughead setting the trailer on fire.

The cast perform "Seventeen (Reprise)" and do a costume change as a statement against the town.

The audience is silent until someone starts clapping. Edgar Evernever (all dressed in white) stands up and claps. His followers who are all dressed in white start clapping in slow eerie unison.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Betty: I know what you’re up to.
Evelyn: Lowering Sweet Pea’s solo?
Betty: Cute. This entire musical is just one big recruitment drive for you, isn’t it?
Evelyn: I’m sorry, I don’t follow.
Betty: The Farm is sponsoring the play. You strong-armed your way into co-directing, your warm up sermons, exercising trauma through art … screams cult recruitment!
[Evelyn places her hand on Betty’s hand. Betty glares at her]
Evelyn: Betty, dissect these trust issues.
[Evelyn pulls her hand back]
Evelyn: The Farm is producing and I’m co-directing for one simple reason: to have BIG FUN.

Kevin: Given how much dancing there is in Heathers, Evelyn and I felt that we should bring on a choreographer. So, give a big Heathers "hello" to Riverdale’s very own Fly Girl, Toni Topaz!
[Everyone claps as Toni walks onto the stage]
Cheryl: Ummm … does anyone have a chainsaw? Because WHAT. THE. F…!