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Betty enlists Cheryl to help out in her quest to expose the farm. However, Cheryl actually likes the initiation, leading Cheryl to believe something else is going on than everyone is being led to believe. 

Betty breaks in, steals Cheryl, Alice, and Polly's tape and makes a mad dash for it. Cheryl then says she got to meet Jason and that's why she's staying put. 

Betty quizzes Alice who confirms she got to meet Charles and that's partly why she likes the Farm. This does not sit well with Betty who goes to Edgar for answers. 

Archie tries to help Baby Teeth and Mad Dog when it emerges that they are moving to Hiram's prison from juvie. Veronica and Archie strong arm the governor and get them released. 

But the pair have nowhere to go, so Archie has them stay int he gym. Mad Dog helps Archie and Jughead fight the bad guys in his family building. 

Kurtz is there and has another fight with Jughead, taking him out a window on his way down. 

Mad Dog accepts an offer from Emilio, and gets his family a new house, much to the chagrin of Archie. 

Hiram and Veronica annul their marriage in an attempt to save Hermione's life. 

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