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Joaquin reveals that Baby Teeth cut the juice to the electric fence. The fighters trigger an escape attempt, but they fail and Archie pulls Joaquin down.

Jughead is running a game of Gryphons and Gargoyles; Betty warns him that they need to stop playing. She believes one of the nine parents killed Principal Featherhead.

Jughead thinks everything that has happened to them leads back to the game. The world in the game is an anagram for Riverdale, so he deduces the game is about Riverdale. To defeat the Gargoyle King, he wants to keep playing to be a game master.

Hiram mocks Veronica with the news of Archie's attempted escape. As she leaves, he calls Warden Norton about punishment.

Archie is tied to his bed in juvie. Warden Norton brands Archie with a hot poker.

Betty tells Josie, Kevin, and Reggie about their parents' past. She enlists them to do some digging for information from their parents.

Veronica believes the juvie is under mob rule. She asks Elio to get information in exchange for a favor.

Fangs and Sweet Pea want to take the game off-board. Jughead places an empty can on his head and makes Cheryl shoot it with an arrow. He forces the boys to never defy him.

Elio invites Veronica on a date to witness the truth herself.

FP doesn't know who killed Principal Featherhead. Jughead thinks it's someone who's been playing the game longer than anyone else.

Sierra and Tom lie to Josie and Kevin about never playing the game.

Elio takes Veronica, in a blonde wig, to one of the illegal boxing matches; she sees Archie. Veronica reunites with Archie in the change room; they hookup. Archie and Veronica devise a plan for his escape; Veronica gets her friends involved.

Sierra and Tom reveal they're getting married. Reggie's father hit him when he brought up Gryphons and Gargoyles.

Jughead wants to turn Archie's escape into a quest from Gryphons and Gargoyles. Betty refuses his involvement.

Warden Norton plans to get rid of Archie; he gives him a last meal. Warden Norton reveals that each of Cassidy's friends was bribed by Hiram to claim Archie killed him. The warden isn't being pulled by Hiram but a mysterious force.

Veronica devises the plan.

Joaquin kisses Archie and then stabs him in the gut; he talks about ascending. Jughead, meanwhile, conducts a similarly themed game of Gryphons and Gargoyles.

Veronica and Reggie (in disguise) intimidate their way inside. Kevin works as a beer delivery man.

Mad Dog isn't dead. He's the next fighter and keeps hitting his wounded friend. Archie wants him to escape too, but he doesn't think it's possible.

Josie is working as a waitress during the undercover sting.

Joaquin runs into Kevin and tells him to leave his friend behind. He's joined a new gang.

Hiram is at the match and tries to stop her. She moves past him and triggers the smoke bombs. Archie escapes.

Betty and Archie take off in their motorcycle while the guards chase after them on bikes. They stop but it turns out to be Betty and Kevin instead. Josie, Veronica, and Reggie take Archie away.

Warden Norton calls Archie 'the "Red Paladin."  They let Betty and Kevin go.

Archie is brought to Jughead and the others in the bunker. They all make a pact to keep the Archie secret to the grave.

Hermione yells at both Hiram and Hermione for the mess they created.

Kevin, Reggie, and Josie plan to play Gryphons and Gargoyles to find out the truth. They hear a radio bulletin about Archie's escape.

Jughead thinks Warden Norton might be the Gargoyle King.

The warden was given his mission cards to kill Archie. Before he was to meet with Hermione, the warden kills himself with syonide poison and the blue liquid.

Jughead bows before the Gargoyle King.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Jughead: You’re not seeing the big picture. “Eldirvare,” the realm of Gryphons and Gargoyles, is an anagram for “Riverdale.” The whole game is an analog for Riverdale. The game only exists in Riverdale, that’s why we couldn’t find it on the web.
Betty: Okay, well, that’s a weird coincidence.
Jughead: It’s not a coincidence, it’s all connected. It’s all one big narrative that’s still being written and played.
Betty: Okay, you need to calm down, Jug. Who’s telling you this?
Jughead: The game.

[Lowers sunglasses] I’d recognize those abs anywhere.