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Jughead shows the masked killer murder tape to Alice, Charles, and Betty. Betty doesn't want to get pulled into a new mystery. Charles offers to let Jughead join him in the investigation.

Hiram is happy to have set a new business deal with Elio's family casino business. Veronica is expanding her business to create a drink for the college crowd.

Reggie wants to join Kevin and Fangs in their business deals.

Archie can't stop thinking about Betty. Betty reads her old diary about when she met Archie and fell in love with him. Alice wants to cry thinking about Betty going to Yale.

After Cheryl and Veronica sell a case of Maple Claw to college kids, the Malloys (a crime family) visits them and threaten them.

Archie and Betty head to the bunker to spend time together. They both admit that they love Jughead and Veronica, but they enjoy their company together. They hold hands in the bunker and lie in a bed next to one another.

Archie visits Fred's grave to get advice about the Betty situation.

Jughead asks Ethel about the videotapes that were dropped off at her house. Ethel had given them to the police station. Ethel is adamant that she didn't create them.

A journal in Betty's diary reveals a moment where Archie proposed to her as kids. Her younger self told him to propose when they're 18.

Mr. Honey reminds Betty that she is in charge of creating the yearbook.

Jughead has a theory that the creator of the mask video is a videographer.

Terry thinks Reggie has a talent for the videos. Reggie thinks he, Kevin, and Fangs should create their own videos instead of working with Terry.

Charles and Jughead visit a video store to view customer records. The store owner and records show that Ethel is a regular at the store; she rented Friday the 13th more than 10 times. Charles thinks Ethel is the prime suspect, but Jughead isn't so sure.

Cheryl and Penelope reveal that the Malloys have trashed the Maple Club.

Veronica confronts Hiram about the gang, but he pushes that he had nothing to do with it. He never wants to get involved with that family.

Archie is focused on writing and creating a song. Another flashback shows Betty and Archie listening to music and holding hands. Archie visits Betty in the yearbook office; both can't stop thinking about each other. They make a deal to visit the bunker the next night to make a decision about their feelings.

Jughead asks the receptionist about the A/V Club. It's revealed that Ethel is the president of the A/V Club, and that Charles took Ethel away to chat.

Kevin quits his job with Terry. Terry understands Kevin's reasoning for wanting to be done between college.

Reggie starts making deals around Riverdale High to get the Bulldogs and the River Vixens to do tickle videos. The deal is that the River Vixens will tickle the Bulldogs instead of the other way around.

Hiram starts attacking one of the Malloys; he points a gun at one of them. He promises to never come for Veronica, but that turns out to be a lie. The Malloy attacks Hiram and kicks him to the ground.

Charles found another VHS tape in Ethel's house.

Veronica finds a bloody hand in her condo; she finds Hiram bruised and beaten.  Hiram is mad that he showed weakness, but Veronica will always be there for him.

Another diary session explains Cheryl kissed Archie at a school dance. After Cheryl gets her way with yearbook pages, she reads Betty's diary. Cheryl thinks Betty has been in love with "perfect romance" and the "idea of love" but not with Archie. She thinks Betty is endgame with Jughead and tells her to stop before it starts.

Terry knows the truth about the tickle website. His goons almost break Kevin's fingers if they don't give him 40% of the profits. Kevin agrees to this.

The videotape in Ethel's house was the sex tape of Jughead and Betty. Ethel reveals that there's a room in the back of the video store called, "The Scarlett Suite." The room is filled with a bunch of tapes, but she promises she didn't view the tape.

Charles and the FBI swarm the video store to search the tapes. Jughead finds the video of Clifford Blossom killing Jason Blossom. The video store owners claim that people come in to sell tapes all the time.

Terry and the goons try to confront Reggie and Kevin, but the Bulldogs swarm the room to claim new terms. Terry threatens them that they'll regret this.

Cheryl wants to quit the rum business as to not deal with the Malloys. Veronica understands the decision.

Mr. Honey confronts Toni, Kevin, Fangs, and Reggie about the tickle videos. Since all the Bulldogs and Vixens wore cheerleading uniforms and Bulldog jackets, the videos broke the school code. Mr. Honey demands the website and videos be taken down.

Archie performs a song he wrote for Betty. As he does, Betty reminds the heartbreak of him rejecting her. Betty stops him and they both admit they don't want to lose/hurt Veronica and Jughead. They end things.

Archie decides he wants a fresh start and will put more effort into the naval academy.

Betty burns her old diaries. Alice convinces her to save one diary.

Kevin is going to Carnegie Mellon University; Fangs is going to the University of Pittsburgh. They're excited to see what it's like dating outside of Riverdale.

Mr. Honey is revealed to be a patron of the video store.

Veronica asks Hiram to help her buyout Cheryl from the maple business. It's revealed that Hiram killed the father of the Malloys as retribution.

Cheryl calls Jughead about a new VHS tape; Betty agrees to join the mystery. The tape shows someone in a Jason mask being shot by someone with a Clifford mask.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Veronica: What happened when you spared that Malloy troll, you said it revealed that you were weak. But I think it did the exact opposite. It took strength for you to not go back to your old habits and I’m proud of you for it.
[Flash of Hiram killing the Malloy leader]
Veronica: It showed me that you have finally and truly turned over a new leaf.
Hiram: I have, Miha. And might I add, it’s a pleasure doing business with you again.

Betty: I think a part of me has been in love with Archie for 10 years, Cheryl.
Cheryl: False. You’ve been in love with the idea of Archie. The idea of the perfect romance. That wasn’t real, that was fantasy. In this town of nightmares, you and Jughead found each other. That’s real. That’s maybe even, dare I say, endgame? Who knows?