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Through voiceover and flashbacks, Jughead reveals how he lived during his fake death. He had a hidden camera during his wake. The voiceover reveals some people knew the truth of Archie and Betty's fake relationship, like Cheryl.

Jellybean reveals that she knew Jughead was alive all along; she overheard Charles and Betty talking. The flashback also shows Betty telling FP the truth about Jughead being alive.

Other flashbacks show Archie telling Mary and Veronica telling Hermosa the truth about Jughead. Hermosa originally thought that Veronica killed Jughead to be with Betty.

Jughead used his time in isolation to review all the Stonewall Prep clues and how to tie the pieces together. Jughead and Betty are ready to expose the truth to Quill & Skull.

Mr. DuPont is teaching a class of Crime & Punishment before Jughead and Betty burst into the room. Betty locks the room; the pair plans to reveal the answer to the murder-mystery.

Mr. DuPont is revealed to be the original Stonewall Prep roommate of Jughead's grandfather.

Betty and Jughead go through the events of Jughead's initiation and his early days at Stonewall Prep. Flashbacks reveal that Mr. Chipping recruited Moose to Stonewall Prep to play football. Betty reveals Mr. Chipping told Moose to leave the school and join the army; he knew that Moose was a target to be murdered.

Jughead and Betty originally theorized that the truth of the Baxter Brothers was the reason why Mr. Chipping died. Betty reveals that Donna lied about her affair with Mr. Chipping and Mr. Cotter.

Jughead thinks that the real test to be the next Baxter Brothers writer was to commit the perfect murder. The theory was that Mr. Chipping committed a previous murder and felt guilty; he recruited Moose to be the next victim of Quill & Skull.

Betty and Jughead deduce that every member of the Stonewall Four (i.e. the kids who disappeared) are previous victims of the former Baxter Brothers ghostwriters. They know that someone within the Literary Salon was selected to be the next killer and they had to kill Jughead since Jughead was getting close to solving the decades-long mystery at the school.

All members of the Literary Salon played a part in Jughead's murder. Joan was the one who hit Jughead with the rock. Joan lets slip that it was Jonathan's part to check Jughead's pulse.

Donna makes a claim that Jonathan has severe food poisoning. But, the group doesn't believe it.

Flashbacks reveal Donna poisoned Betty with Devil's Breath and the group had set up Betty to take the fall.

A flashback shows Archie conducting CPR on Jughead. Jughead woke up and survived the attack, but he fell into a 36-hour coma. Charles helped the group bring Jughead to an FBI medical van; the trio cleaned up their mess to hide evidence.

Betty reveals that Dr. Curtle Jr. helped the group pretend that Jughead was dead.

Mr. DuPont denies their claims; he dismisses them as fiction. Jughead and Betty reveal they visited all past ghostwriters; each one asked for their lawyers. They know that Mr. DuPont killed former members of his Literary Salon and set them up as accidents to protect his secret.

Jughead's grandfather joins the group and reveals that a former member of the group came to him in a panic. Theodore Wiseil knew that Mr. DuPont killed the others and wanted to kill him next; Theodore was killed in shallow water. Forsythe reveals he abandoned his family to protect them.

Forsythe reveals he checked into the history of motels around the death sites.

Jughead deduces he was recruited to Stonewall Prep as a way to lure Forsythe out of hiding. Charles' FBI team has uncovered evidence and truth about Mr. DuPont's original crimes and the web of crimes he caused for the box series.

Mr. DuPont jumped out of the window and committed suicide.

During questioning with Joan, she reveals that she has diplomatic immunity since her father is an ambassador. She plans to leave the country.

During questioning with Donna, she says that Mr. DuPont gave her Mr. Chipping's pin and told her to lie about the affair.

During questioning with Bret, Charles plans to only charge him with attempted murder if Bret hands over the tapes. FP and Jughead beat up Bret to get the location of the sex tapes.

The sex tapes were located in a Stonewall Prep logo.

Alice conducts a news broadcast that reveals Quill & Skull has been disbanded. Stonewall Prep is still open.

Donna is revealed to be the granddaughter of one of Mr. DuPont's original victims, Jane Dallas Brown. Donna reveals that "Tracy True", a character in the Baxter Brothers series, was a creation of her grandmother. Donna's goal was to rise in the ranks of Stonewall Prep/Quill & Skull and then take down Mr. DuPont, destroying the book series he stole.

Betty threatens Donna to play nice from now on or else she'll reveal Donna's family connection. This would destroy Donna's life as it would connect her to a string of murders.

Jughead feels empty after solving all the crimes and revealing the truth of the eight murders.

Cheryl doesn't believe Betty when she says that she was pretending with Archie.

Jughead is transferring back to Riverdale High. FP and Forsythe are trying to talk to each other again.

Betty and Veronica want to help Archie and Jughead graduate them with them at all costs.

Kevin is making them all sign up for the variety show.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Jughead: What, did you miss me?
Bret: You’ve got to be kidding me?!
Mr. DuPont: Mr. Jones, we all thought you were…
Jughead: That I was dead?! Yeah, for a minute there I thought I was too.
Betty: Yeah.
Jughead: Hey, what’s that often-used Mark Twain quote? “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”
Joan: What is happening right now?
Betty: It is called getting your comeuppance, Joan.

Mr. DuPont: Well, Mr. Jones…
Jughead: Shut up!
[The room silences]
Jughead: Mr. DuPont, as they say in Lord of the Flies, “I have the conch.”