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Monroe is mad that his brother is hanging out at an arcade surrounded by dug dealers. Archie plans to move forward with turning the boxing gym into a community center.

Jellybean, FP, and Betty help Jughead move into his Stonewall Prep dorm.

Veronica is hesitant to officially change her name to "Veronica Gomez." 

Moose (aka. Marmaduke) is Jughead's roommate at Stonewall Prep. Moose reveals that he had a breakdown after his dad got arrested; he was at an institution and took a year off. Moose warns Jughead to be silent around the rich kids, especially Brett.

The city representative informs Archie that he'll need to bring the gym up to code if they plan to make it into a community center.

Charles' undercover agent is killed while doing a sting at The Farm. Edgar warns Charles (over earpiece) that he must not send anyone else or they will die.

Toni asks Cheryl to hire a caretaker to help Nana Rose. They hear Nana Rose screaming; she says she saw "the triplets" burning in the fire.

Archie needs to raise money for the repairs. Veronica convinces them to hold a car wash; they raise over $400.

Edgar calls Betty after Alice spills the truth to stop people getting hurt. Edgar demands $250,000 and an escape route or else he'll kill people.

Brett reads his story for the salon, but once Jughead gives his constructive criticism, he and Jughead get into an argument. Mr. Chipping states that there is a zero-tolerance policy at Stonewall Prep.

Toni hires Darius to be the night nurse.

Jughead walks in on Donna and Moose hooking up in the dorm room. Donna (a member of the salon) warns Jughead to watch himself around Brett since he's the son of a diplomat. Moose reveals that he is bisexual.

Betty asks Edgar to release a hostage as a sign of good faith. The hostage is Polly; Edgar has placed a bomb on Polly and it will detonate when the timer ends/she lets go of the button.

Charles tells Betty that she needs to cut the wire connected to the battery. She cuts the wire, but it's a false wire. Betty sticks in her hairpin to stop the bomb.

Mr. Chipping gives the salon an exercise to finish a murder mystery story. 

Monroe needs Archie's help to stop Dodger, a petty thug who recruits kids to do drug deliveries. Archie stops him and will inform FP for help.

Polly pushes Betty to ignore the FBI and do what Edgar says. Veronica gives Betty her mother's glaborege eggs, which will cover the money cost, she gets Toni to create the passports, and she steals a bus for the transport. When Betty delivers the goods for Alice, Evelyn knocks her out.

Brett tries to bully Jughead by bringing up his family, but Jughead puts him in his place.

Hiram has left jail to confront Veronica about her changing his name. He shares the story of how he originally changed his name. 

Mary wants Archie to come back with her to Chicago. She reveals that she and Fred had saved money for Archie's education. She doesn't want Archie to spend the money into a losing property in Riverdale; she only left Riverdale because she couldn't get a job.

Archie dresses up in a hoodie and mask to confront Dodger and his thugs. One of the thugs ounches him

Veronica gives Mary the $40,000 donation to help build the community center.

Cheryl notices that Jason's body has moved.

Archie has survived the fight with Dodger. He successfully beat up the crew and took the money for the community center. Monroe can't use the money since it's dirty. He needs Veronica's help to "clean" it.

Donna wins the story contest. Brett and Jughead ended up in last place.

Betty wakes up tied to a chair next to Alice. Alice reveals that Evelyn will drive the bus full of Farm followers off a cliff while Edgar will fly off in his rocket.

Darius warns Cheryl that there are rats in Thistle House. Cheryl fires him after she finds out he went into the basement.

Betty and Alice break free from their restraints. Betty knocks out Evelyn.

Veronica refuses to clean the dirty money.

Betty ushers everyone on the bus; she knocks out Fangs and sees Principal Weatherbee without his finger. Alice goes to fight Edgar. Charles warns Betty that Governor Doily is sending in a group of mercenaries to stop The Farm.

When Edgar is about to shoot Alice, she shoots back and kills him.

Mary Andrews is staying in Riverdale. She's working to make the gym into a non-profit.

Veronica is moving forward with changing her name to "Veronica Luna" after her grandparents. She's changing the locks and keeping Hiram out of her home.

A rat eats its way out of Jason's dead body. Toni walks in to find Cheryl trying to sew up Jason's stomach.

Someone has posted news articles of Moose's dad being the fake Gargoyle King around the school.

Betty reveals that Alice is working on an expose about The Farm while Polly is seeking treatment.

A mysterious VHS tape is left on Jughead's doorstep.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Betty: I’m just happy this nightmare is finally over.
[Doorbell rings and a mysterious VHS is found outside]
Jughead: Famous last words.

Darius: I went into the basement…
Cheryl: Halt! You went down to the basement, specially I ordered you not to. You didn’t go into the chapel, did you?!
Darius: No! Miss Cheryl…
Cheryl: Thistle House has never had rats!
Toni: But Babe, we did hear something last night. Remember?
Cheryl: You’re right, Ti Ti. And suddenly, I am feeling the presence of a rat. A 6” tall rat with muscles and bedroom eyes. Darius, I knew you were a mistake from the beginning, so … you’re fired. Tootles!