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The second round of videotapes was left for people around town. This time, the footage was closer to the doorsteps.

College admissions letters were sent to students in Riverdale. Principal Honey asked Mrs. Burble, the school's guidance counselor, to offer counsel to the students.

Betty got rejected by Yale. Alice snooped through her room, read her rejection letter, and found her birth control pills.

Betty is the first to be interviewed by Mrs. Burble. Alice crashes her meeting; she hopes to get advice from the counselor about why Betty got rejected. Their session erupts into a session with Betty calling out Alice on all the terrible things she did to her in her life.

Alice reveals that she gave away Betty's college fund while under manipulation. Alice never knew that Betty slept with Jughead, even though they sleep in the same bed. It's revealed that Alice reads Betty's diaries.

Mrs. Burble thinks Alice has a fear of Betty growing up and leaving; that Alice's choices of giving away the money and controlling her are a need to not be alone.

Alice reveals that she loves Betty the most of all her children.

Archie is sent to speak with Mrs. Burble after he falls asleep in class. It's revealed that Archie didn't apply to any colleges. Archie wants to stay behind to help the town.

Mrs. Burble notices all the cuts and bruises on Archie's hands. Archie tells her about his vigilante activities at night; he wants to emulate the comic book heroes that he loves.

Archie is so filled with rage and hurt; he's hurt all the time. He doesn't feel like he can do enough to help the town and the community. Mrs. Burble gives him the idea to start a helpline.

Mrs. Burble warns him to not be a vigilante. He could get himself and his loved ones hurt.

Archie decides that he's going to move into the center until Dodger and his family are arrested. He doesn't want to put Mary at risk.

Archie throws out the vigilante mask after setting up the hotline.

Cheryl visits Mr. Honey after he finds out she has 26 absences. He wants to put an adult in charge of the River Vixens, but he'll give a pass if she meets with Mrs. Burble.

Mrs. Burble asks Cheryl how she's coping after all the traumas she's gone through in life. Cheryl cries and tells her about talking to her brother's body in the church; she feels like she's fractured and losing her mind. Mrs. Burble doesn't think it's weird to miss her brother.

Cheryl tells her about being haunted by her late brother, Julian. Mrs. Burble thinks someone is trying to make Cheryl believe she's crazy.

Mrs. Burble wants Cheryl to contact a DNA lab to determine if she absorbed Julian in the womb. She also deems that the River Vixens need a supervisor as Cheryl works on her issues.

Hiram places the first bottle of Lodge rum in his office. It's revealed that Hiram went to Harvard University. Veronica has applied to both Harvard and Cambridge.

Veronica got accepted to Harvard. The dean reveals that Hiram made a call and helped get her acceptance.

Veronica is mad at Hiram for taking away the opportunity of finding out she could get into Harvard on her own merit. She spills everything about why she hates Hiram, but Mrs. Burble thinks they're obsessed with each other.

Mrs. Burble thinks Hiram and Veronica bicker because they're so similar and that Veronica ultimately wants to be what Hiram is. Mrs. Burble recommends that Veronica cuts ties with Hiram on her ties after she accepts her Harvard admission. She's not sure if Veronica or Hiram are leading in their war.

Mr. Dupont chastises Jughead for not applying to early admissions and not sending in his pages for the book. He refuses to write a reference for Jughead.

Jughead tells Mrs. Burble about the trouble at Stonewall Prep and Mr. Dupont's bias. Mrs. Burble claims that Jughead has a victim complex and wants to achieve the same things that he chastises his enemies for having.

Mrs. Burble thinks Jughead should see his grandfather through FP's eyes instead of idolizing the "wronged" man who lost the Baxter Brothers book series. Jughead still plans to look into the book series, but he'll follow Mr. Burble's advice to investigate instead of relying on his own resentment.

Jughead thanks FP for all the work and sacrifices he did for his life.

Betty and Alice have an awkward reunion before dinner. Betty notices her unopened mail and a cheque from Alice to help with her tuition.

Archie receives an anonymous call from someone living in Sketch Alley who is being abused. Archie retrieves his mask to go out to help.

Cheryl's chimaerism test reveals that she didn't absorb Julian in the womb.

Hiram is mad that Veronica turned down Harvard. She plans to go to Yale to spit him and will destroy him in business.

Veronica opened Hiram's bottle of rum to set a point.

Jughead's investigation into the Literary Salon his grandfather was apart of reveals that all the members died in horrific accidents. Only Mr. Dupont and Jughead are still alive.

The flashforward reveals that Donna and Brett conduct a police lineup of Betty, Veronica, and Archie at the Riverdale police station.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Jughead: Maybe I should put down the conspiracy theories and do the homework? You’re underpaid, aren’t you?
Mrs. Burble: And overqualified. Which means I don’t expect anyone to change habits overnight. If you’re going to see this mystery about the Baxter Brothers authorship through, don’t fall back on conjecture or righteous anger. Do the work. You know, investigate.

Mrs. Burble: Are you jealous of your sister?
Veronica: Absolutely not! She can have him; they deserve each other.
Mrs. Burble: Yet, I’m sensing animosity?
Veronica: Sensing?! I despise that man! I want nothing to do with him.
Mrs. Burble: But you willing live at home.
Veronica: Well, yes, but…
Mrs. Burble: You obediently come when he calls you. Veronica, I don’t think this is hate, it’s obsession. You and your father are obsessed with each other.
Veronica: You’re diagnosing me with daddy issues? How very “Intro to Psych”.