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Archie pays his respects to his father's grave.

Through a voiceover, it's revealed that Hiram won the mayoral election in a landslide against no candidate. Veronica refuses to go to his celebratory dinner, choosing instead to go to Archie's benefit.

Dodger's friends (Dickinson Crime family) want to seek justice for whoever beat him.

Mr. Dupont claims Mr. Chipping was an alcoholic who had too many dealers and inner demons. There was no suicide note or investigation.

Betty plans to visit Stonewall Prep for a romantic weekend. She and Jughead are going to investigate the truth of Mr. Chipping.

Cheryl plans to dump Uncle Bedford's body during Thanksgiving weekend.

Veronica supplies food for Archie's benefit. FP reveals that Hiram ordered the gym Thanksgiving be shut down. Archie chooses to ignore the order and hold the event anyway.

Betty and Jughead hookup in his dorm room.

Alice and FP hookup. They decide to grab dinner at Pop's Chock' lit Shoppe instead of cooking.

Veronica ruins the Lodge Thanksgiving by pulling the tablecloth and messing the food.

Mary breaks down over Fred not being at the family dinner.

Toni finds Aunt Cricket watching her. Cheryl plans to invite Cricket for a ghoulish Blossom dinner to scare her straight.

Jughead deduces that Mr. Dupont and Mr. Chipping were part of the same society at Stonewall Prep: Quill & Skull. Jughead thinks some of the Salon members might be in the club too.

Alice invites Hermione and Hiram to join her and FP for dinner.

A masked man in a bunny mask and axe stand in front of Jughead. Betty knocks him out. The masked figure turns out to be Brett; he and Donna did it as a prank.

The Dickinson Crime Family crash the gym dinner. The woman exposes her gun and wants to find out who attacked Dodger.

Betty gives Brett stitches on his head. Jughead discovers a fake suicide note that Brett wrote about Mr. Chipping. He and Betty plan to get them drunk to find out the truth.

Donna, Brett, Betty, and Jughead play "Never Have I Ever." While Betty leaves to refill the flask, she explores Donna's room and finds Mr. Chipping's society pin.

Monroe's brother tries to take the gun, but the family stops him. Dodger's mother aims the gun at Archie and demands he admit that he attacked her son. Before Archie reluctantly admits, people jump in to claim they're the masked vigilante.

The cooking pot explodes and the group uses the opportunity to steal the gun. Mary drives the criminals out of the building.

FP refuses to drink alcohol so that he can drive everyone home. Hiram teases FP and the two get into a fight.

Nana Rose tells the story of how the Blossoms committed cannibalism while trying to survive in the past. The dinner unveils that Aunt Cricket and Cousin Fester ate pieces of Uncle Bedford. Toni reveals Jason's dead body. The pair agree to never tell the truth of what happened.

Donna reveals to Betty that she was having an affair with Mr. Chipping. She says that she threatened to get him fired when he wouldn't stop pushing, but he then jumped out the window.

FP wants to be both the sheriff and a gang leader.

Cheryl and Toni didn't actually feed Uncle Bedford to Cricket and Fester.

Betty thinks Donna's story was to stall the investigation. Before they're about to hookup, a camera is revealed to be recording them.

Dodger is missing from the hospital.

Donna came clean to the headmaster in the morning about the affair.

Betty has an investigation board set up for the Stonewall Prep mystery.

Archie and Mary reminisce about Fred. They set up a memorial at the gym.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Mary: Archie, yesterday was without a doubt the strangest Thanksgiving I have ever had. I mean, I pointed a gun at a woman!
Archie: Welcome to Riverdale, Mom.

FP: I can’t live my life doing Hiram’s bidding, Alice. I’m not cut out for it. There’s too much blood on the tracks.
Alice: I hear you.
FP: I am a Serpent, Alice. I am a Serpent! Every bone in my body is a Serpent.
Alice: Okay, is there a rule that says you can’t be both?
FP: That’s not bad. If Hiram can be mayor and a kingpin, who says that I can’t be sheriff and a gang leader?
[He kisses her]