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Cheryl put her mom on a trial at Thistle House, and ultimately condemned her to the bunker for the foreseeable future. 

Archie was ambushed by FP who yelled at him for his vigilante ways. That did not go down well with Archie. 

But the pair joined forces to get rid of Dodger's brothers for good. 

Darla and Dodger retaliated by shooting FP before trying to rush out of town. 

Archie caught up with them and roughed Dodger up, ultimately telling Darla that he would murder them if they have set foot in town again. 

Veronica reeled in her grandmother to set things right with her father. Veronica started the process of opening a rum business of her own. 

But her father shut it down when he said he owned the patent to the recipe. He also brought her new dean to La Bonne Nuite. 

Veronica won this round because the woman liked her story. 

Betty confronted her dark side when Evelyn called her mother and sister and made them go crazy. 

Charles helped Betty fix things, but the episode concluded with Betty standing over Jughead's corpse. 

Did she murder him?

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

FP: Hey, wake up, Red.
Archie: Mr. Jones? What are you doing here?
FP: Investigating a vigilante. Now, be honest with me. Is that you?
Archie: Yeah, it is. Not going to arrest me, are you?
FP: I should. What the hell do you think you're doing?
Archie: Helping. People are scared to call you, or the cops, so I set up a hotline.
FP: What happens if you get hurt -- or worse.
Archie: People die on the side of the road changing tires, Mr. Jones. At least I die with a shred of honor.
FP: What a load of smug BS. You think that's going to comfort your mom?

FP: Why aren't you focused on the center, protecting these kids?
Archie: I am, but trouble shows up here just about every other day, starting with the Dickinsons, who are still out there, by the way.