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It's Spirit Week on Riverdale. The Riverdale High Bulldogs are going to the football state championship to compete against Stonewall Prep.

Brett thinks Jughead should upgrade his competitor. Mr. Dupont helps Jughead get an interview with a Yale rep.

Veronica has developed a modified spiced rum to compete against Hiram.

Ms. Appleyard is the new cheerleading coach. Her first decree is making the River Vixens a cheerleading squad again instead of a singing and dancing group.

Betty conducts an interview with Reggie, Monroe, and Archie. There's a recruiter coming to see Monroe. Reggie tells her about how Stonewall's competing teams have suffered mysterious losses and setbacks.

Archie has let his uncle stay at the gym; Mary isn't aware of him being in town. Archie wants Frank to stay, so he agrees to meet Mary. Mary is angry at seeing Frank again.

Betty is fine with Jughead interviewing with Yale. Jughead pushes her to interview Brett for her article. Brett equates football to Darwinism.

Ms. Appleyard turns down Cheryl's muffin basket and makes a comment about her weight.

Veronica makes a business pitch to local businesses. She sells her first case.

Brett gives Jughead a brand new laptop as a gift from Quill & Skull.

Cheryl and River Vixens plan to go on strike against Spirit Week if Ms. Appleyard doesn't back down. Mr. Honey agrees to look into it.

Betty interviews football players who got hurt in matches against Stonewall Prep.  One informs her of "The Bounty;" a payment offered by the coach for his players to hurt the best player on the opposite team.

Monroe finds four men in bunny masks waiting for him outside the El Royale gym.  One of the attackers hits Monroe on the knee.

Quill & Skull conduct their final initiation of Jughead: they all must reveal their biggest secrets. Jughead reveals that he didn't do anything while his friend Doc got beaten up by drunken businessmen.

The River Vixens turn on Cheryl after Mr. Honey threatens to ban everyone from prom. Cheryl and Toni leave the team.

Archie and other Bulldog players get into a fight with Brett and the team after they confront them.

Uncle Frank bails Archie from jail after his fight. Frank reveals that he was a boxer too in the army.

Jughead meets with his Yale rep, who informs him that Jughead's meeting is because of his merit, not his advantages.

Betty asks Veronica to attend a Stonewall party to find out the truth of Monroe's attack.

Mary reveals that Fred took the rap for Frank's DUI. She's mad that Archie called Frank instead of Mary; she grounds Archie.

Veronica, in a blonde wig, buddies up with Brett and Jonathan at the party. Before Brett is able to spill the truth, Jughead spots Veronica. She discovers that he's part of a secret society. The mood is icy between Betty and Jughead.

Frank reveals that he never would've asked Fred to take the rap. His crime happened when he was on a bender between two tours.

Hiram serves Veronica with a cease and desist to stop selling her modified rum. He offers to team up with her, but she rejects it. She feels too much damage has been done for them to repair their relationship.

Mr. Dupont asks Jughead to tell Betty to drop the article, but he refuses. He invites Jughead to join him and Mr. Brooks to sit at the game together.

Monroe has enough suffered damage that he can't play in the game. Frank offers a pill that will suppress the pain, but Archie shuts it down.

Mr. Honey refuses to print Betty's article in the Blue & Gold.

Monroe takes the pill and plans to play in the game.

Jughead sits with Betty instead of the Stonewall group.

During the team huddle, Archie wants the team to protect Monroe because he thinks they'll go after him again.

Cheryl locks Ms. Appleyard in her office so that she can't attend the game. The River Vixens perform "Cherry Bomb" during their routine.

The montage shows Riverdale High Bulldogs one point behind the Stonewall Stallions. They go for a two-point conversion, but Stonewall stops Monroe and Riverdale loses.

Archie chastises Frank for giving Monroe the pain pills. Monroe gets an offer to play at Notre Dame.

Veronica enjoys a maple snack from Cheryl and gets an idea.

Reggie scratches up Hiram's car and places Veronica's rum bottle in the gas port.

Frank is staying temporarily on the pull-out couch at Archie's home.

Veronica plans to mix Cheryl's maple syrup with her rum to be a new drink.

Betty submits her puff piece to Mr. Honey, who loves the article. Betty wants to dig deeper into the mystery of Stonewall Prep, so she agrees to restart the Riverdale High quiz team to take down Brett.

Jughead gets accepted to Yale. Brett is accepted as well.

The flash-forward reveals that Betty got accepted to Yale too. Brett chastises Betty for crying; he thinks her tears are fake.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Cheryl: Look, I’m not sure what Honey told you, but we don’t need a coach. I run the show around here. Howevs, we are looking for a laundrywoman.
Ms. Appleyard: From now on, we’re going to change things up. The Vixens are a cheer squad, so we’ll be focusing on cheers, not signing and dancing to pop songs. Now, gather the rest of the girls and meet me out on the field, so we can practice some drills. Okay?
Cheryl: I’m sorry. Am I hallucinating or did you just give me an order?!
Ms. Appleyard: I led my last team to Nationals three years in a row. I think I know what I’m doing here.

Reggie: Stonewall sucks! The only reason why they’re undefeated is because they play dirty.
Monroe: Dirty!
Reggie: Every team that’s gone up against them has suffered some major injury.
Betty: What do you mean?
Reggie: I mean, they don’t play to win. They play to hurt.