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Archie has a nightmare of being in the Army and helping a wounded soldier who lost their leg. Archie wakes up to find Eric holding a gun and dealing with Army nightmares too.

Betty is undercover in the truck and tries to lure a trucker into believing she's an escort. The encounter turns out to be an FBI sting; Glenn takes her badge and her gun since she's no longer in the FBI. Betty is mad that the FBI are arresting escorts instead of the truckers.

Cheryl spots Kevin alone in the woods. He runs off when Cheryl turns her lantern to look at him.

Uncle Frank asks Archie about Eric and his shot at the VFW.

Veronica is getting back into aggressive investment banking to make up the funds from Chad's Ponzi scheme.

Cheryl confronts Kevin about seeing him in the woods. She invites him over to her house to attend the Blossom sermon to find a calling; he initially rejects the idea, but he reluctantly agrees.

Tabitha comes up with an idea to lure truckers to Pop's so that they can identify truckers in the area. They plot to turn Pop's and the Whyte Wyrm into a Coyote Ugly-inspired bar and wiretap the place.

Uncle Frank brings a dog home. Frank brought the door to help Eric and Archie to deal with their PTSD. Archie reveals that Vegas (his dog) died while he was enlisted.

Veronica's tactics to land IPO investors are hitting roadblocks. Reggie offers to help. Veronica is initially against it, but she offers a challenge for Reggie to sign one client by 4 p.m. Reggie succeeds by landing his first client; Veronica welcomes him to the team.

Fangs agrees to Betty and Tabitha's offer to turn the bar around.

Archie talks about Bingo, a stray dog that was adopted by the platoon.

Kevin reveals to Cheryl that he regrets how he broke up with Fangs; Cheryl tells him to apologize to Fangs. Kevin visits Fangs to confess his feelings, but he walks in to find Moose there on a date with Fangs. Kevin leaves abruptly.

A flashback nightmare shows Eric forcing Archie to not go into the crossfire to save Bingo. Eric wakes Archie up to reveal that the dog is missing, but the dog was just in a closet sleeping.

A montage is shown of Veronica and Reggie signing new clients. Reggie wants a bigger commission from the deals. He reveals that Hiram has been lying to his SoDale investors by using the money to mine for Palladium. Veronica and Reggie plot to steal the investors to sign with them instead.

Frank reveals that the dog is a former dogfighter.

One of Hiram's investors pulls out of SoDale to sign with Pearls & Posh instead. The pair plot to keep doing what they're doing.

Kevin is feeling down about the encounter with Moose and Fangs. Cheryl convinces him to help Betty and Tabitha's plot to track the truckers. Alice is working the bar, Cheryl/Betty/Veronica are the performers, and Kevin/Reggie will break into the trucks.

Fangs gives Archie the location of the dogfighting area. Archie doesn't want to loop in Sheriff Keller; he wants to fight the owner directly.

The ladies perform on the bar and sing, Meanwhile, Kevin and Reggie break into the trucks to find nothing, except for blood. The trucker says he had a big meat delivery and has proof.

Archie starts beating up the owner of the dogfights. He threatens the man to never do the fights again.

As Betty plans to leave, she gets picked up by a trucker; she agrees to get into the truck when she sees blood in one of the windows. She texts Tabitha to follow her. The trucker pulls over to attack Betty, but she subdues him; he disappears when her back is turned.

The trucker comes toward Betty with a chainsaw. The trucker tries to cut through the top of the truck to get to Betty. She throws a wrench to knock him out.

Eric reveals that Bingo wasn't a dog, he was another soldier in their group.

Betty doesn't want to give up the trucker just yet; he wants to keep him captive to get more information before they hand him over to the FBI.

Frank confronts Archie about Bingo and his behavior.

Kevin wins the Teacher of the Year award. Kevin tells Cheryl that he's upset with his life and unfulfilled potential; he wants to be in New York and writing plays instead of being a teacher at a dying school.

Frank opens up a dog adoption for the saved puppies. They name the new dog Bingo.

Kevin becomes the new artistic director for the Blossom ministry. He and Cheryl perform a song from Jesus Christ Superstar. Fangs wants to be friends with Kevin; he admits that he and Moose are together. Penelope doesn't look happy during the performance.

Veronica and Reggie sign another big client to their investment firm.

A flashback nightmare shows the moment Eric and Archie find out Bingo (the soldier) died on the battlefield. As Archie gets a call, he sees a dead Bingo in the corner of the room. He asks for psychiatric help too.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Tabitha: What about the guy? The killer?
Betty: I have a place where we can take him and keep him.
Tabitha: Shouldn’t we hand him over to the FBI?!
Betty: Not yet. If there’s a chance he knows where Polly is, I want him to give up that information. At which point, we will hand him over.

Frank: I’ve been to war, Archie. I know the impossible decision you have to make. To hear Eric tell it, if you had gone back for Bingo, you and Eric probably wouldn’t have made it either. You made a choice in the moment and it was the right choice. You can’t save everyone!
Archie: That feels wrong. Everything feels wrong. I’m trying to save this town, but it’s so … corrupt.