Josie Returns - Riverdale
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Melody is writing on her laptop and talking about how Josie and The Pussycats reunited in the future. It's revealed that Melody and Valerie are roommates, and that Melody left Harvard law school to write and publish her first book.

Melody's book is being optioned as a movie and Valerie will play the lead.

Melody tells her girlfriend that Tyler Perry (the movie producer) wants a big star to star in the movie. She's not sure if the movie can happen with Valerie as the lead. Valerie, meanwhile, is in a relationship with Alan Mayberry who proposed to her and she's a barista.

Tabitha is listening to a radio that reveals Josie is a multi-platinum recording artist. Josie returns to the diner looking for food and Pop Tate. Josie came back to town to center herself and write.

Josie starts singing "All Coming Back To Me" and has flashbacks to her teen years in Riverdale. The hotel staff and Hiram issue a noise complaint, but Josie brushes them off.

Tabitha asks Veronica for help with franchising Pops, but she declines as the investment business is still tight due to Chad's schemes.

Principal Weatherbee agrees to let Josie practice in the Riverdale High music room in exchange for teaching a class.

Alexandra Cabot visits Veronica about pulling out money from Chad's investment. Veronica bides her time by getting her to discuss Tabitha's plan.

Josie choreographs the music class into a performance; she reveals to Archie that she's back to write her new album. Josie calls Val and Melody. She agrees to visit the Whyte Wyrm to catch up with everyone, but after they start talking about a benefit concert, she refuses and brings up all the bad times they had in high school and them not being close friends.

Josie bumps into Fangs outside the diner and they leave to hook up.

Josie has drinks with Val and Melody to catch up. She invites them to join her on a track for her new album.

Melody and Val perform "Physical" with backup dancers in front of Josie. Val performs "Stranger" to Josie. Val and Melody chastise Josie for abandoning them to perform solo; they're upset that Josie stopped acting like a friend.

Alexandra is excited about the diner proposal, but she wants to add a musical element to the venues. Alexandra, Tabitha, and Toni sing "Little Shop of Horrors." Toni does a product plug to Old Navy.

Tabitha wants to see the diner books for the last 20 years.

Sierra McCoy arrives to visit Josie. They talk about Josie's dad abruptly dying from heartache; Josie found out in Berlin minutes before going on stage. Her father's request was to spread his ashes around the country in places he loved, and he left Josie unreleased songs he never finished or recorded.

Melody declined Tyler Perry's offer since Valerie couldn't be the star. Sierra sent Valerie a message.

Alexandra wants to make changes at the diner, like changing the formula in the milkshakes. Tabitha rejects the deal and pulls out. Alexandra still wants to withdraw her money from the investment.

Valerie and Melody visit Josie to apologize for their words. They agree to record the song with her, and she convinces them to perform the benefit show for Riverdale High. The performance will be a Josie and The Pussycats reunion show.

The group performs a small number to "Josie and The Pussycats." The group also performs "Get Up." Josie sings a tribute to her father.

Toni goes into labor; Fangs and Cheryl help her to deliver the baby.

Alexandra Cabot agrees to the investment plan. She'll keep the recipe and menu as is.

Josie asks Valerie and Melody to reunite the band and do a cross-country tour. The pair agree; Valerie decides she's not ready to marry Alan and Melody will do a book tour during the tour.

Toni gives birth to a boy: Anthony.

Alan M. and Val stay together; Alan M. joins the tour bus. Josie and Fangs get back together; she joins the tour bus.

Mr. Too Sweet tells Josie her father died under mysterious means. They set off on a tour bus to New Orleans to find out what happened.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Valerie: You know Alan, you don’t have to come with us.
Alan: I still love you, Val. I’m in it for the long haul. Married or not.
Valerie: In case I haven’t told you today, I’m crazy about you, Alan Mayberry.

Fangs: So, I’ve been thinking, and is there any chance I can tag along with you? You know, I can pull my weight. I can drive your bus, I can be your roadie, I can be your anything.
Josie: It’ll be a tight squeeze, but yes.