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Archie is still being haunted by the ghosts of his dead platoon members. Veronica is having a video chat with her husband Chad about her almost having the money to divorce him and clear their debts.

Penelope commands no more singing within the ministry.

Jughead is 70 days sober and decides it's time to do his apology tour. He heads to Betty's house, but Betty is out undercover on the Lonely Highway.

General Taylor is going to retire with a full salute. Archie is angry that the New York Times story was killed and Taylor got off scot-free. Eric tells him to forget about it.

Archie confides to Uncle Frank about the mission that caused his platoon to die. Archie blames General Taylor for the mission that led to everyone dying.

Veronica and Reggie break into Hiram's office to steal palladium. She loops in Cheryl into her plot to melt down the palladium into new jewelry to sell during an auction. Veronica wants to get back at her father and Chad.

Sam, Jughead's agent, calls him to demand the pages for his next book. If Jughead doesn't deliver pages, he'll get blackballed from the writing industry.

Tabitha apologizes to Jughead for not taking care of him while he was high. Jughead apologizes to her for putting her in that situation. She reveals that Jessica has the pages to Jughead's new novel.

Cheryl performs a trick by turning water into maple syrup. She does this in the ministry to assert her dominance.

Archie confronts General Taylor about him knowingly sending Archie's squad into a warzone unqualified. He requests Taylor to retire quietly, but Taylor refuses and threatens to lie about how Archie went rogue and caused his squad to die.

Archie wants to defeat Taylor, but Eric doesn't want to cause trouble for the families of the victims. Archie agrees he won't move forward unless he has the support of those families.

Jughead remembers the manuscript he was given from his hookup in New York City. He debates what to do next.

Archie visits Travis' mother, but she's heartbroken over her son dying and Archie not helping him.

Veronica holds the auction within her shot for the palladium doubloons. Hiram tries to bid for the stock, but Veronica overlooks his bid as revenge.

Archie gets support from one of the brothers of a past victim.

Cheryl performs stigmata within the ministry to assert her dominance.

The wife of a previous victim has made peace. She leaves it up to Archie about what he wants to do next.

Cheryl wants to do another trick using bees, like how she plotted against Mr. Honey. Kevin is highly allergic, so he won't get involved in the plot.

Chad offers Veronica a deal to join his new venture (Copter Cab). She rejects his deal after she successfully paid off all his victims and avoided damage from the SEC. She agrees to go to his party to get petty revenge against Chad and Hiram.

Jughead steals Cora's book and claims it as his own. He tells his agent that he'll deliver the book to him soon.

Betty agrees to chat with Jughead.

Eric reveals to Archie and Frank that he abandoned the unit to conduct a mission from General Taylor to assassinate a warlord. Eric blames himself for leaving his post; he thinks it caused the others to die.

Cheryl completes her bee tricks, and with help from Kevin's speech, they push Penelope out of the ministry.

Eric joins Archie in the court case against Taylor. Eric agrees to testify.

Veronica brings over drinks, drugs, and women to Chad's business party for Copter Cab.

Jughead apologizes to Betty about the nasty voicemail he left her. He comes cleans to her about him being an alcoholic and his recovery. Betty admits she might be an addict too about her obsessive quality and control.

Betty reveals she was bored in Yale/FBI because she was more fascinated about learning about serial killers than meeting with real people. She recounts her choosing to chase The Trash Bag Killer instead of going to Jughead's book party.

Jughead comes clean to Sam about stealing the book; he agrees to give him Cora's number. Sam drops Jughead as a client. Betty slips out of the bunker while Jughead isn't looking.

Veronica reveals she planted the story about Chad crashing the helicopter. The news has caused the Copter Cab stock to plummet and ruin Chad's plans. Hiram only invested a little, but Veronica's plot against Hiram was about SoDale.

Tabitha tells Jughead that he needs to worry about his health and recovery. She will help and take care of Betty.

Hiram discovers that Veronica stole the palladium from his town model.

Archie gets a call that Eric has been cleared of his charges and General Taylor will be discharged dishonorably.

Betty returns home to find Alice sleeping on the couch. Tabitha visits Betty and tells her that she's joining Betty in her undercover work.

Archie, Frank, and Eric cheer their drinks to all the fallen platoon squad.

Cheryl didn't put any spray or ointment to stop the bees. She thinks something miraculously happened inside of her and she has power.

Jughead attends another sobriety meeting.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Veronica: As I said, I’m hosting an exclusive by-invitation-only auction. The centerpiece of which will be some palladium doubloons I’ve acquired. Some of my guests have been asking about the palladium’s origins and I want to say that it came from your mines.
Cheryl: Not a problem! I’m always happy to let you namedrop my family in order to screw over your father.

Chad: Veronica, you little…
Veronica: I’m gonna stop you right there, Chad. Because whatever you think I am, doesn’t come close to what you are … which is scum. A worthless pathetic little worm. You stole money from your investors to, what, finance Copter Cab? But what a surprise, in the end you couldn’t pull it off. That’s your problem in a nutshell, you can’t land anything! You’ll never be an alpha, Chad. You’re a born beta.