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Tabitha and Betty are having a hard time nibbling any truckers during their scheme. Betty is worried that the killer will retaliate.

Dr. Curdle Jr. calls Betty about wanting to burn the serial killer's body. Betty agrees to pay him to store the body.

Archie gets Cheryl to agree to pay for all the mining work.

Veronica agrees to all of Chad's demands (i.e., money, alimony, the Penbrooke apartment, etc.) to get out of the marriage. All she wants is Archie.

Penelope tells Kevin that Cheryl's influence has corrupted the ministry.

Squeeky's mother calls Tabitha about her daughter being missing.

Toni speaks with a student about a boy calling her homophobic slurs. Toni agrees to be there when the girl speaks with her parents about coming out.

Chad goes to Hiram for helping in getting Veronica back. Hiram thinks that Archie is the problem; if he has a chance, Chad will need to kill Archie. Hiram gives Chad the ghost gun.

Kevin asks Cheryl questions about the ministry, but Cheryl only gives him vague answers.

Jughead agrees to team up with Betty to investigate the Lonely Highway killer. Tabitha cancels all his shifts and gives him all their case files.

Chad tries to kill Archie, but the gun misses. Chad runs away and leaves the gun.

Jughead and Betty recount all the evidence collected until now. Dr. Curdle Jr. calls them about a new body that has been recovered from Swedlow Swamp; Curdle thinks it could be Polly or Squeaky.

Veronica blackmails Chad into getting everything in the divorce. Since Chad left the gun behind, Veronica has all the evidence to win.

Cheryl is feeling woozy from not eating.

Hiram banishes Chad from Riverdale forever. Meanwhile, Archie and Veronica hook up.

Cheryl thinks that the ministry should be worshipping nature. Kevin decides to leave the ministry.

Alice conducts a press conference about the recent body discovered in the swamp.

Toni tells Fangs that the encounter with Brita's parents didn't go so well. She and Fangs talk about their own experiences coming out.

A bomb detonates in the mine (set off by Hiram) and tracks Archie inside. Veronica and Cheryl head to the mine; Frank believes the mine was blown up on purpose.

Lermon visits the diner to chat with Betty, Jughead, and Tabitha. Lermon reveals that the Mothman freed him from capture and brought him to a shed near the Lonely Highway. He's not sure where the shed is, but it's near the highway.

Archie finds Eric alive and bloody under a pile of rocks.

Curdle Jr. reveals the victim the swamp victim was Lynette, and that someone broke into the morgue to steal the trucker's body and Lynette. The DNA ties to Blossom DNA; they think the truckers are related to the Blossoms.

Veronica knocks out Hiram and ties him up. Veronica recounts how she overheard her father telling people she was a disappointment at 14 years old and that he wanted a son. Veronica tells him that if Archie dies in the mines, he will die.

Betty and Jughead confront Nana Blossom about the corpse in the maple barrel. She admits it was cousin Timothy; she found the body in the woods. Nana Blossom reveals that she would deliver abandoned Blossom babies born out of wedlock to a family in the woods.

The "Mothmen" legacy was an urban legend created by the Starkweathers. The Starkweathers kept to themselves in the woods before venturing out into the world. Betty and Jughead think the remaining Starkweathers formed a killer cult of truckers. Starkweather (the junkyard manager who told the urban legend) is a member of the family.

Archie and Eric are running out of oxygen in the mine. Archie hallucinates seeing Bingo's ghost in the mine; the rest of the dead soldiers appear to help Archie with digging out the rocks.

Toni calls Jughead and Betty about Brita running away; they all think Brita ran to the junkyard. Toni, Jughead, Betty, and Fangs team up to search for Brita.

Cheryl conducts a prayer outside the mine; she channels the elements, which causes the nearby elements to react. Archie appears out of the mine carrying Eric on his back.

Chad sneaks into Veronica's apartment with a gun. Veronica utilizes the home system to turn out the lights and she fights Chad. She shoots him in the scuffle.

Veronica frees Hiram since Archie stayed alive. She's not afraid of Hiram anymore and demands he leaves her alone.

Jughead confronts Dreyfus about the solution. Dreyfus reveals that he and his family started targeting the people no one would care went missing; they loved the hunt of killing people. The Mothmen legacy was just a tale invented by the trucking family to keep people off the Lonely Highway and cover up their crimes.

Men in metallic moth costumes attack Betty, Tabitha, Fangs, and Toni in the junkyard after they find Brita in a shed. One of the Starkweather teens helped Toni break Brita out of the shed. The group defeats the Starkweathers.

Toni thinks she and Fangs got this all handled.

Veronica and Archie enjoy a soak in the bathtub.

Hiram burns a photo of Hermione and Veronica.

Mr. Starkweather reveals that Polly is dead and was kept in the trunk of a car. Betty and Alice find her body.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

[To Hiram] If Archie dies, you die.


Jughead: You’re saying there’s a secret illegitimate clan of Blossoms that have lived in the woods for two generations? Why did you call the corpse a Mothman?!
Nana Blossom: The family kept to themselves, didn’t like eyes prying into their business. So, they created a fiction. The Mothman. One which we Blossoms swore to embrace.