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Veronica confirms that the SlaughterCon is a success and will turn out a big crowd. Charles believes that all the attendees will be safe against The Trash Bag Killer.

The schedule will have panels and discussions. Kevin will also be performing songs from the "American Psycho" musical.

Percival Pickens demands Frank and the construction crew finish the railway before Bailey's Comet passes through town.

Tabitha offers free meals to all the strikers. She confirms that Jughead is still hiding out in the bunker due to the mind-reading mishap.

Toni tells Cheryl that she's getting married to Fangs. Toni invites Cheryl and Heather to her bachelorette party at the Babylonium.

The attendees arrive for SlaughterCon.

Kevin performs his first song, "Not A Common Man," to the crowd. Betty searches through the crowd for The Trash Bag Killer, but it's just a random guest. The guest is a fanatic who wants to be Betty's first official kill.

Percival Pickens goes to the diner and uses his mind control powers to force everyone back to work. His nose starts to bleed.

Agent Drake does a panel where people are attracted to serial killers.

Cheryl wants Kevin to help her with magically cursing Toni and Fangs' marriage.

Tabitha, Archie, and Toni think that Percival's powers don't work when trying to control a large number of people. Tabitha wants to use music and people to break the construction crew brainwash.

Cheryl and Kevin perform a curse to drive Toni and Fangs apart.

Archie, Toni, Tabitha, and all the family members of the construction crew arrive to help break the spell. They perform a song that starts breaking through Percival's control.

Agent Drake tells Betty that she's attracted to her. Betty declines as she's with Archie, but Agent Drake is positive she's felt vibes from her.

Betty has a romantic dream about Agent Drake. She tells Archie that he doesn't have to go to SlaughterCon.

Toni and Fangs tell Cheryl that Baby Anthony has developed colic and fever. She thinks her curse affected Baby Anthony.

Betty tells Veronica about what Agent Drake said; Betty admits she does find Agent Drake attractive. Veronica tells Betty that she should talk with Archie and not explore things with Agent Drake.

Veronica confronts Agent Drake about what she did.

Heather gives Baby Anthony a tonic that cures the curse.

Alice interviews Betty during the grand panel at the SlaughterCon. The Trash Bag Killer calls into the panel to talk to Betty in front of everyone.

Heather tells Cheryl that her worry made the curse go awry. Cheryl admits to Heather that her worry over Toni and the confusion over Heather pushed her to do the curse. She asks Heather to join her at the bachelorette party.

Tabitha, Toni, Heather, Betty, Cheryl, Agent Park, and Veronica celebrate Toni's bachelorette party. The ladies perform "You Are What You Wear."

Kevin performs "Killing Spree." Betty sees TBK in the dance crowd, but she tackles someone on stage by mistake.

Cheryl shows Heather the painting she made of her and Heather as kids. They kiss.

Betty tells Archie that Kevin is bailing on his final performance; she's going to perform the final song. She's using the event as a way to capture TBK.

She and Archie have a conversation about their future. She tells Archie that she isn't sure if she wants a life of white picket fences and the Riverdale life.

Veronica reassures Betty that everyone is dark in Riverdale. She's unsure about what to do for her relationship.

Betty's fanatic wants her to sign The Black Hood's gun. She has Agent Drake throw him out.

TBK didn't show up when Betty performed her song. Betty performed "A Girl Before." She arrives home to Archie's home (flashes are shown of her relationship with Archie) and sees TBK in her bedroom window. She finds Alice and Charles tied to the table; a guard was killed.

TBK has made a candlelit dinner for her to encourage her to put on the mask. Betty is adamant that she is nothing like TBK; she shoots him.

Betty confirms that TBK is dead. She frees Charles and Alice from their restraints.

Percival tells Frank that he wants his revenge to be biblical over the town.

Betty has a conversation with Archie that she's worried that she'll be similar to her father and that she'll hurt Archie. Archie comforts her by saying he sees all the light inside of her. Betty and Archie say they love each other.

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Riverdale Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Charles: What about live entertainment? Have you booked an act yet?
Veronica: Yes, Kevin will be presenting a few musical numbers from the holy grail of serial killer musicals.
Charles: Sweeney Todd?!
Veronica: Alas, no. American Psycho.

Fan: You’re my hero, Betty Cooper.
Betty: Hero?
Fan: You’re practically one of them.
Betty: What did you just say?!
Fan: I’d be honored to be your first official kill.