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A writer's workshop is run by Ms. Grundy at Riverdale High. Archie, Betty, and Clay are taking the workshop.

The group talks about The Beats, the group of revolutionary literary poets.

Lizzo sneaks an underground lesbian pin-up magazine for Toni and Cheryl. They borrow the magazine from her.

Julian tells the basketball team that he got a stag film from his friend. He asks Kevin and Clay to get him a projector to air the film. Kevin, Clay, Reggie, and Archie agree to watch the film with the group.

Dr. Werthers wants Mr. Fieldstone to create a morality code of ethics for the comics. Mr. Fieldstone asks Jughead to get prepared for the meeting and create their own code.

Toni asks Cheryl to take some pin-up photo shoots together. Cheryl thinks they could shoot at the Thornhill Chapel since no one from the family uses it.

Clay and Kevin try to sneak the projector out, but they're caught by Veronica. They tell Veronica about the film; she agrees to let Julian screen the film at the Babylonium if she gets to watch it too with a friend.

Cheryl and Toni shoot their pin-up photos.

Betty joins Veronica and the boys to watch "The Wedding Night." The woman in the film turns out to be Polly, Betty's sister. Betty and Veronica shut down the screening.

Betty tells Veronica that she hasn't seen Polly in a few years; Polly is a dancer on Broadway. Betty calls Polly.

Toni processes the photos with Cheryl.

Julian tells Reggie and Archie that he has a second stag film that the guys can rent for a few dollars.

Betty reveals to Veronica that Polly is coming to town for a visit. Polly isn't a dancer on Broadway; she is a burlesque dancer. Polly promises she doesn't do those films anymore. Veronica recognizes Polly's stage name.

Cheryl views the photos with Toni at the high school. Cheryl wants to do a painting, but she doesn't want the images published.

Jughead goes to Veronica for help with the comic book code that Dr. Werthers wants to be implemented. Veronica tells Jughead for him and Mr. Fieldstone to go through every point in the code and make a counteroffer.

Betty meets with Polly and gives her back the movie. Polly talks about her career as a burlesque dancer, how she made the movie, and her career as a dancer. Betty tells Polly about her striptease with Archie. Polly reveals that her parents know about her burlesque career.

Betty introduces Polly to Veronica. Polly is going on a European tour for her show, but she reveals that she's engaged. Polly asks Betty to be her maid of honor.

Veronica asks Polly to hold a one-night-only show at the Babylonium. Polly agrees to hold her show.

Archie and Reggie prepare to watch the stag film. However, the film turns out to be a wrestling video; Julian switched the tape on them. Reggie and Archie decide to stick out watching the film.

Cheryl makes the pin-up painting of her and Toni.

Reggie and Archie talk about the film afterward. Archie talks about what was discussed with The Beats. They confront Julian and get their money back; Julian gives them another film they can watch.

Veronica invites all the girls to a ladies-night-only for the burlesque show.

Jughead and Mr. Fieldstone have their code meeting with Dr. Werthers, Principal Featherhead, Clifford Blossom, and a nun from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. They debate the vagueness of the code. They come up with the idea to have a rating system on the comic books, but the council rejects the idea. The council says they're doing it to protect the children.

Dr. Werthers says that Pep Comics' competitors all agreed to the code. If they don't follow, no newsstand in the country will carry the comics.

The literary workshop is held. Archie doesn't think he'll be able to write anything because he's a square and hasn't lived a life. Ms. Grundy encourages him to try something new and dive into insightful chatter. She encourages Betty to ask the tough questions in her life.

Betty invites Alice to come with her to see Polly's show; she tells her about Polly's engagement. Alice turns down seeing the show.

Archie and Reggie see the new film from Julian. However, the film burns up. Archie has a new idea for the guys. Archie takes him and Reggie to visit Twyla Twyst.

Polly performs her show to all the ladies, "Everything's Coming Up Roses." It's a musical number segment where Betty hallucinates that she's performing; Alice sings a segment too while looking at pamphlets of Polly. Meanwhile, Penelope discovers Cheryl's painting. The Babylonium erupts in applause.

After the show, Polly encourages Betty to do whatever she dreams and truly wants in life.

Archie and Reggie stayed up all night to watch the sunrise. Both reveal they "expanded their horizons" during the night. They admit they love each other.

Cheryl finds all her paintings and photos ripped up. Penelope says she's going to the chapel more to pray. Cheryl wants Toni's help to shut her parents down one and for all.

Betty confronts Alice about not going to Polly's show. She says she can't wait to leave the house when she gets old enough. Alice slaps Betty. Betty is unfazed with Alice slapping her.

Jughead confides Veronica about what happened with the comic code. He and Veronica get close after discussing the results.

Veronica and Jughead kiss.

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Riverdale Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

Kevin: We wanna come too!
Julian: Fine, just don’t expect it to be one of those “wrestling movies” you like to watch.

I’m surprised it took you this long to do that.