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Jughead is feeling depressed at the diner after hearing the news about Mr. Rayberry.

Betty is conducting a therapy session with Dr. Werthers. He says Betty is sexually compulsive and suffering from nymphomania. He wants to know her first sexual memory. Betty recalls a memory of her playing a game with Archie as a kid; she was attracted to him since then.

Betty thinks about different moments when she's fantasized about her friends. A montage is shown of her hooking up with everyone. She tells Dr. Werthers she thinks about sex all the time as a retort to his sexist questions.

She tells Dr. Werthers that she found girly magazines hidden away in her dad's sock drawer.

Betty tells Dr. Werthers that she doesn't want to get married any time soon. She wants to make an impact on the world in addition to having a family one day.

Alice gives Betty bridal magazines and wants her to think about her future wedding one day. Alice says Betty getting married will be one of the happiest days in her life.

Veronica is holding a bonus feature at the Babylonium for a James Deane night. Veronica is giving away free tickets to the event; Cheryl agrees to the tickets and plans to bring the River Vixens. Veronica wants to invite the Riverdale Bulldogs herself.

At the movie event, Veronica convinces Reggie to take her out to a milkshake after the show.

Clay, Veronica, and Kevin discover that all of the James Deane movie reels have been overexposed. Veronica tells the event that the movie is canceled; everyone throws popcorn at her and demands a refund.

Reggie agrees to reschedule the milkshake with Veronica when things are cleared up.

Veronica calls the movie studio about what happened to the movie; the studio puts the blame on Veronica and the movie theater to solve the problem. All three of them call all the movie studios to get reels to play the Babylonium, but every major studio denies her and blackballs her. Veronica thinks her parents are sabotaging her.

The group turns to B-movie studios to find new films.

Dr. Werthers asks Betty about her most frequent sex dream. She fantasizes about being a biology teacher and exploring things with a student; her main crush is on Archie. She tells him that she writes her fantasies and thoughts in her diary; she notices Dr. Werthers is writing down a lot of notes.

She tells Dr. Werthers that her fantasy could be about her wanting to be seen as a person with needs and autonomy. She thinks her fantasies are just a way for her to discover herself.

Veronica has received one monster movie she could use at her theater. She asks Jughead for advice about her movie; Jughead recommends doing a gimmick within the theater to draw in viewers.

Alice brings over a priest to chat with Betty. Alice broke into Betty's room, stole her diaries, and read her diaries. Betty asks Alice to join her at therapy, but Alice rejects the idea.

Betty breaks into the school at night and breaks into Dr. Werthers' desk. She is searching for his notebook, but she finds the book, "Lolita." Jughead tells Betty it's a scandalous book.

At night, Betty reads the book.

Veronica puts on new marketing tactics for "The Crawling Eye." She does a candy deal with eyes, gets Kevin and Clay to paper-mache beach balls, and asks Reggie and Kevin to act as cast members for her "4D" experience.

Betty turns down a session with Dr. Werthers. She wants to finish her reading.

The 4D movie event is held at the Babylonium. The teens are blown away by the monster costumes and the scary experience.

Betty confronts Dr. Werthers after reading Lolita. She thinks he's reading the novel for his pleasure and enjoys his discussion with Betty. She stops the sessions going forward.

The event at the Babylonium is a hit! The movie nights are sold out. Archie and Reggie refuse to work as the monsters going forward; Veronica decides to have Clay and Kevin do them. Veronica and Reggie connect over their connection.

Alice is upset that the Dr. Werthers sessions are over. Betty confronts her and demands that she and Alice have a real conversation for once. Betty thinks Alice is unhappy in her life. Before Betty can get an answer from Alice, Hal interrupts them and tells Betty to go to her room. Hal says Betty should be grateful for all that Alice sacrificed for her.

Alice says she's no longer Betty's mother.

Reggie is waiting almost 30 minutes for his date with Veronica. Meanwhile, Veronica is having calls with the movie studios; she finally gets the reel for East of Eden. When Veronica is done with her call, she finds out Reggie had left her.

Veronica is locked out of her apartment. She makes a temporary residence at the Babylonium.

Jughead decides to pay his bill at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. He's finished rereading all of Mr. Rayberry's books; he's ready to move on and go forward in life. Sheriff Keller arrives and asks Jughead's help for the case.

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Riverdale Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Betty: How do you see it?
Dr. Werthers: As an academic institution meant to provide a safe environment where students can challenge themselves intellectually without being morally and physically compromised.
Betty: Well, you obviously haven’t spent any time in gym class.

Dr. Werthers: In what particular way?
Betty: Well, I’m just now realizing that I don’t think I want to get married. At least not any time soon, maybe never. I want to make an impact on the world. Instead of, or in addition to, just having a family.