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In a flashback, Tripp takes Louise to get help after she is shot. 

Alex runs into Forrest at the diner. 

Max, Isobel, Alex, Michael, and Maria go on a road trip. 

Liz visits Jenna at the hospital. An ICE agent arrests Arturo. 

The gang visits Alex's brother, Gregory, for information about Louise. 

Jenna takes Liz to the detention center to see her dad. 

Gregory takes them to Louise's grave and Michael puts the flowers there in his pocket. They discover Louise was pregnant. 

Isobel worries she won't ever be able to have a baby, and Michael offers to donate his sperm. 

Max and Isobel talk to Harrison, who knew Louise, in Harrison's mind. 

Arturo's green card application is denied because of a misdemeanor on Liz's record. He's being transferred to El Paso for his deportation hearing. 

Harrison reveals that Louise's baby survived. He tries to tell Max that he's not Louise's son. 

Max tells Isobel his memory of being chained up as a kid and worries that he's dangerous. 

Liz goes to the diner and finds her dad, who was released because Liz called her ex-fiancee, Diego. 

Max comes home and Liz introduces him to Diego. 

Alex wants to give the piece of the pod he found to his dad and he and Michael get into an argument. Alex is attacked on his way home. 

Michael gives Maria a bracelet made out of the alien flower. 

Diego tells Liz that the toxin in Jenna's system was a drug purchased by the military for weaponization with no approved application outside of violent combat. 

Alex is put in someone's trunk. 

Max flashes back and sees Louise freeing him from his chains before facing off with a hooded figure. 

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Rosa and I used to recite our escape plan for if our parents got deported and we got separated in foster care. I begged my parents not to tell Santa where we lived because I was afraid he'd ask for papers. My whole life was built on a fear of this day coming, and it's here.


Liz: Papi, we have to go, come on, right now.
ICE Agent: Can I see some ID, please?