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In a flashback, Diego and Liz get engaged. 

Diego comes back to town and helps out at the diner. 

Michael goes looking for Alex and finds Jesse.

Isobel goes to rehab to bring Rosa her sketchbooks. 

Kyle gets suspended from work for stealing medical supplies. 

Max and Kyle connect butyricol to Project Shepherd. 

Michael discovers that Flint took Alex from where he was being held captive in Jesse's basement, and Jesse was planning on killing his son. 

Michael attacks Jesse and leaves. 

Liz flashes back to when she fought with Diego after she lost the funding for her trial. 

ICE agents enter the diner. 

Michael goes after Flint. 

Rosa shows Isobel a memory of her mom at AA. 

Liz gets into an argument with the ICE agents and Diego backs her up. 

Kyle and Max search Flint's property for anything related to Project Shepherd. They discover the sniper rifle and hunting van from the night they found Jenna. 

Rosa leaves rehab early after realizing that her mom may be in trouble. 

Michael kidnaps Flint hoping he'll tell him where Alex is. Flint threatens to have Alex killed unless Michael does what he says. 

Max tells Liz that her mom's box was in Flint's house, which causes them to wonder if Flint took her. 

Liz admits to Max that she's working on a treatment for Steph's blood disease. 

Steph confronts Kyle about the supplies he stole from the hospital. 

Liz realizes that Helena and Flint are working together and they have Michael and Alex. 

Michael demands to see Alex, but Helena tells him he has to build her a bomb first. 

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

I hate having a conscience.


Guerin, for once we're on the same side. We both want Alex back.