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Maria and Dallas find Mimi in the Wild Pony parking lot. She tells Maria that she had a vision after the storm and that Maria must meet her somewhere (as she points to her palm) before passing away.

As everyone gathers to comfort Maria, Max and Cameron give Michael a ring with a tracker as he continues his undercover work with Bonnie and Clyde.

Tezca, Bonnie, and Clyde meet, and Tezca cuts her hand before spreading her blood on Jones' chest.

Anatsa tries to speak with Isobel and tells her about a job offer out of town, which Isobel urges her to take.

Michael gives Bonnie a guitar lesson before Clyde shows up. Clyde smashes Michael's phone before the three, then travel to a nearby barn, showing Michael fruit from the Oasi before Clyde brings them into an Oasis mindscape. While inside the mindscape, Michael sees his home planet for the first time and asks questions about Jones, prompting Clyde to become suspicious.

This prompts Michael to reveal his fire power to Bonnie and Clyde and tell them he is Jones's son.

Shivani pays for Liz to get a new lab, but it disintegrates when she tries to test out the alien tissue.

Max and Liz travel to the oil field and discover something buried underneath the sand. Max uses his powers, with Liz's help, to extract an oil truck from the sand.

While searching the truck, they're approached by Renata, the truck's original driver. Noticing her blue eyes, which don't match her ID picture, Liz secures a DNA sample from here to test.

Isobel opens a letter from Cayeres addressed to Eduardo at Deep Sky and sees a picture of the alien symbol on a rock inside, signed by Xitali.

Maria remembers a night she spent with Mimi at the drive-in and realizes that her mom wants her to look at her wedding photos.

After talking with Cameron, Isobel stops Anatsa from leaving town and attempts to tell her the truth, but Anatsa breaks up with her and leaves.

Michael finds Eduardo tied up in the barn with blue eyes. Eduardo encourages him to stay undercover and tells him he will escape on his own. Later, Clyde agrees to work with Michael and shows him an alien device they're working on that was built by Nora.

Kyle travels to Mexico in search of Xitali.

Liz uses Renata's DNA on the alien tissue, which brings it back to life.

Cam finds Eduardo in the desert, but his eyes are brown. Max later sees her with a bullet wound in her leg, and he heals her.

Bonnie tells Michael that the alien gadget they're looking to complete will get them home.

Dallas tries to use his powers to lift the airstream and is hit with a memory about his father and a necklace.

Maria finds a sketch of a tree in Mimi's wedding photos.

Kyle is sent to a home in Mexico, which he finds disheveled. Inside a closet, he finds Tezca in a pod.

Cam and Max find Jones's body in the desert, but Max soon realizes that Cam isn't herself. Tezca then shapeshifts and reveals herself to Max.


Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Bonnie: I spent my whole life believing everything that they said. But earth is like...it's proof that things can be different.
Michael: You know it's good to ask questions. Helps you figure out what you want. Where you belong.
Bonnie: Well that often gets me in trouble.

Michael: Alright, well. I should go prep my next music lesson. Bonnie's trusting me. If I can get Clyde to do the same, I can figure out how it all fits together.
Max: Thought you might say that, which is why Cam brought you a tracker.
Michael: No. I've seen The Departed.