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Alden and Cotton realize the true nature of the object they discovered and use it to ensnare something of grave importance.

The relationship between Mary and Mercy is no longer what it seems.

The witches meet in the woods with Hale. They tell him to find the necromancer so they can talk to Hooke and discover what secret he had on John so they can use it to drive him out of town. They feel they're loosing control of Mary.

Mary goes to see Mercy and tells her if she stay silent, she will live. Otherwise, she will die. She seals her message with a very awkward, sexual kiss.

Alden struggles to open the box, but as soon as he turns his back it opens automatically. It is an apple. He sees visions of a plague when he holds it.

Cotton sends for Glorianna. He has a proposition, a business arrangement. He will pay her double her most generous week to have her exclusivity.

Alden walks in on Cotton having his way with Glorianna. He shows him the box.

Three girls show up to see Mercy. They ask if witches come to her, if they're there with them now. They think she has a lot of power, more than Mary Sibley because she can point her finger and make them tremble.

Mary and Tituba go to the boat to inquire about the package Hooke was after. Hale comes along and asks for Tituba to assist him.

Alden recognizes Cotton was with the same girl. He tells Cotton about the visions when he touched the artifact.

The box is for the Grand Rite. It has only been attempted and never achieved. Cotton wants to inform the Selectmen immediately, but Alden wants to use the artifact against the witches.

Hale takes a man to Hooke who peels his face off.

Mary suspects something is off with Tituba.

The three girls think the cage Mercy wears in public is like the great flowing robe of the pope. She assures them it's quite disagreeable on.

The girls think it would be so romantic to walk behind the handsome Cotton Mather to point the finger. One girl would accuse her father, because he treats her horribly and will sell her the whorehouse upon her 15th birthday. Mercy decides to use her power.

Anne goes off on Alden, but it's difficult to understand what she is saying. Perhaps that she thinks Alden is toying with her heart when he still feels for another. Up walks Mary Sibley.

Mary sees Mrs. Browning in the square who teases her about looking upon the handsome John Alden.

Mrs. Hale hopes Anne to become Mrs. Cotton Mather.

The girls take Mercy on a walk through the square chanting "She will show us the witch." Mary is shocked while Cotton looks on with sadness.

Tituba is the necromancer. She uses Hooke's face with rabbit's blood and tries to force him to tell Alden's secret.

Mercy screams and runs right up to Mary, smiles in her face and then points at the girl's father. Mary is scared to death.

Mary goes to see Cotton and breaks down in tears in his office. She tells her Mercy has gone mad with power, encouraged by her peers. The Selectmen no longer trust her, but Cotton says it's not up to them and he will take a look.

Mary sees the artifact in Cotton's office. She asks about it.

Rose tells Hale that Tituba lied about the secret Hooke revealed about Alden. She intends to use the real secret to control Mary for the Grand Rite. She's hardly concerned.

The other problem is that Alden has the Malam.

Tituba tells Mary all the others have turned on her and speak of her weakness as they meet in secret. She accuses Mary of being in love. She tells her that Alden is a murderer and has killed another to keep his secret. If she wishes for Alden to live, she will complete the Grand Rite.

The accused witch laughs when his daughter calls him a witch. He tells her he will be out in no time and she'll be sold as planned. She doesn't think so.

Anne reaches out to the girl with a donation. Anne said it's not a gift. They hung her friend. She watched her kick and soil herself and they will not do that again. The girl runs off.

Mary is in Alden's cabin when he returns home. It's time for truth. She tells him she loved him because he's so good, but imagine her surprise when she learned he was a murderer. He tells her she doesn't know him. He killed 20 men and their only crime was that they had seen him.

Mary begs Alden to tell her it was a terrible choice that he made under trying times so that she may believe in goodness. He tells her he murdered 20 men and makes no excuse. She is the only one who knows. She kisses him and leaves.

The girls dance around in the woods, pleased at what they have accomplished. They call to the prince of darkness, the father of evil, and strip. Mary shows up to destroy their fun. Mercy wants to be just like her.

Someone walks into Alden's while he is sleeping to take the artifact. The box opens, she goes to take it and the floor opens taking the person with it, down onto spikes. Cotton and Alden see it is Rose Browning.

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Salem Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Glorianna: So you would buy me outright?
Cotton: I'm an only child. I never learned to share.
Glorianna: Which is as close as a man like you comes to an apology. Was it really so very painful for you to see me with another?
Cotton: Yes. Will you be mine?

Mary: What do you want girl?
Mercy: I want it to stop. The torture, the torment, the suffering... or I will tell them. I will tell them all who and what you are.