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Owen Cooper, a young boy, gets trapped in a sinkhole. Instead of having an hour and 22 minutes to free him before the water rises, Sylvester realizes he forgot to factor in high tide. There's only 56 minutes now.

After realizing Owen's leg is trapped under a rock, the team now has to figure out how to move the rock. While Team Scorpion works on figuring a way to do move the rock, Paige works on keeping Owen calm.

Walter goes into the cave to keep Owen company. In order to buy some time, Walter hooks Owen up to a machine to allow Owen's blood to bring him oxygen.

While Happy and Toby are back at the garage building a jack to move the rock off of Owen's leg, Toby stumbles across a letter that Happy wrote for her father. Toby urges her to come clean about who she is to her dad.

Sylvester tells Megan that he is going to quit the team, and she gives him a swift kick in the butt. This prompts Sylvester to rush into the cave when another rock slide threatens to crush the machine that is oxygenating Owen's blood. Sylvester holds up the rock for as long as he can, but in the end, it ends up pinching the tubes that carry Owen's blood.

Owen is suffocating. Toby and Happy race back to the beach using a car, a stolen motorcycle, and then Toby sprints the rest of the way. Walter goes back in and manages to free Owen, but as he is dragging Owen through the tunnel, it begins to collapse.

Miraculously, Walter and Owen are pulled to safety, and Owen lives, even Walter allows people to think that what happened was a miracle.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Just have faith that the science will work.


Who would be the one who thought I would outlive you.