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Drew and Ralph have been hitting it off, and so Drew decides it is time to make his next move. He asks Paige out to dinner.

The latest case involves an internationally known gang of robbers known as the Ghost. They are known for their willingness to steal anything as long as the price is right. Their latest conquest is a safe that they managed to crack by using a cup of water.

After voicing his concerns about the nature of the case, Sylvester accidentally sets off an explosive device. He is in critical condition at the hospital. There's no way to know the full extent of his trauma until he wakes up.

The team manages to get a piece of shrapnel from the explosive device that was lodged in Sylvester's sternum. Team Scorpion manages to figure out that the Ghost is on a revenge mission. They are after a Venezuelan cartel boss who double crossed them on a job a couple years back. 

The team is too late to stop the heist, but they do go on a high speed chase after the thieves. Happy gets to show off her smashing skills by crushing a water hydrant to stop two of the thieves. Walter is not so lucky. He hesitates causing the death of one of the robbers.

On the bright side, Sylvester is awake and is expected to make a full recovery. The issue will be whether or not he can get over his trauma and feel safe with Team Scorpion again.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

But they ain't smarter than my guys.

Agent Gallo

Sylvester, any reason why you're not making eye contact with me?