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The military requests Team Scorpion's help in retrieving classified technology from a military plane that had been shot down in Bosnia. The mission isn't off to a good start. As they get out of their car to examine a flat tire, gunfire starts.

Walter brings his sister Megan to the garage. While the team is off in Bosnia, Sylvester is left to keep Megan company. She finds a box of stuff in Walter's room that contains momentos from each person who is important to him.

During the gunfire, Happy and Toby get separated from the group. Sylvester is able to give a game plan on where they can all regroup. Meanwhile, the other group makes their way to the plane where something doesn't add up. The cloaking software is three years old, and there is blood.

The pilot is alive, and now the team is on a rescue mission. First they have to get through a minefield. They are in the clear when Jim trips a mine. Walter does what he does best - denies reason and works until he shouldn't at disarming the mine. Cabe has to tackle him to get him away. Thankfully, the mine was corroded.

Walter and Jim sneak their way into the compound to rescue the pilot and the software. They manage to work together to free the pilot, and everyone returns home safely.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Happy's in charge.

Agent Gallo

Oh gosh, did I let my inside voice get out again?