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Cabe's ex-wife Rebecca reaches out to him after she uncovers a money laundering scheme at her work. Someone is trying to kill her.

Drew thanks Walter for helping him connect with Ralph, and then Drew shares some big news. Walter helped him improve his speed on his pitch, and because of this, he got a try out in Portland. Drew wants to know how it will affect Ralph.

The money laundering scheme is tied to a special election, which only happens when a congressman dies while in office or is removed from office. The bad guys decided to make this special election happen by killing the congressman in a boating explosion.

After recovering the hard drive that Rebecca had downloaded the file on, the team comes back to the garage to find it trashed. Someone is aware that they are working with Rebecca.

This prompts Cabe to take everyone off the grid to the house he and Rebecca lived at. More importantly, this is where their daughter Amanda died.

The team uses security camera footage to not only identify the suspect, but also to nail down motive. As this is happening, someone snuck into the house and grabbed Rebecca and tied her up in the back of a car and drove away.

While Cabe and Walter drive after the car, Happy, Toby, and Sylvester use traffic cameras to help Cabe catch up to the kidnappers.

Drew says he is just trying to do right by Ralph. He doesn't push Walter for an answer though. Walter hypothetically poses Drew's question to Cabe to seek 

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

They actually make a good match.


He's uncouth but effective.

Agent Gallo