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Cabe's old pal Mick stops by for a visit. The thing about Mick is he's a criminal, but Cabe says that Mick never steered him wrong. That's why when Mick says he has information that would save lives, Cabe takes the case.

The case ends up involving Happy, Toby, and Walter going undercover in a smuggling operation. Oh, and Walter does some street racing on the job. It's just a normal day for Team Scorpion.

Turns out, Mick was right. The smuggling group was going to deliver a bio-weapon to a country that is rife with conflict. The weapon will basically wipe out a specific group of people.

Team Scorpion figures out where the bio-weapon is, but when they go to retrieve it, they find a note from Mick. He quoted Hamilton and said that he had to take his shot.

Now, Team Scorpion has to find Mick. They try to get to his girl Lorraine, but Mick chooses the five million dollar payday instead of her. Then, it's down to a stressful game of chicken. In the end, Mick blinks. 

Meanwhile, Happy confronts Toby about his gambling problem, and Toby promises to stop gambling. Sly won it big on the Price is Right, and Walter signed Cabe up for art classes.

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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Paige: Look, you are learning your way through a new romance. Before Toby, what was your longest relationship?
Happy: I had an orbital sander for nine years.

He's sweating a lot like he swam here.