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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 19, a virus is spreading through the amazon, and the only hope is to synthesize an anecdote located in a monkey breed that is immune to the virus. It should be a fun trip. Lucky for Sly and his fear of monkeys, he gets to stay behind in the garage with Ralph.

Team Scorpion hits a snag once they land in the Amazon. The trapper who caught the immune monkey was shot, and the monkey escaped. Don't worry, Team Scorpion just has to locate one monkey in a forest with mercenaries who shoot first and ask questions later. Easy peasy. 

After doing a mating ritual to attract the monkey, Toby and the monkey are inseparable. Team Scorpion learns that the monkey's DNA does not contain the gene that makes him immune to the virus. It turns out that the monkey's diet is what does it - the tree with the disgusting fruit is the secret!

The next trick is getting down the fruit, which unfortunately involves dangerous spiders. Thankfully, Happy manages to stun them all, but it was still a traumatizing sight to see all those spiders come down the tree.

Meanwhile, Toby and Happy go to a shrink for some marriage counseling. This comes about because Happy was concerned that it took Toby telling her that she made a friend for Happy to realize that she made a friend. The shrink, the one Toby and Walter also saw a while back, tells Quintis that the problem is that Toby fails to recognize any of Happy's flaws.

Toby is given a clicker, and he has to use it every time that Happy says something that could cause an argument. Not so surprisingly, Toby clicks it a lot during the case. But don't worry because it means that Quintis is marriage material because after all those clicks, the two of them still want to get married.

Walter asks Paige why Cabe is still so upset over his break up with Allie when Paige is okay after breaking up with Tim. By the end of the hour, Walter realizes that Cabe needs a friend because he is heartbroken. Walter thinks he can help Cabe feel better because he too has suffered heartbreak. 

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Happy: For insulting the hat?
Toby: The hat and I are one.

I am honest with her. I honestly think she's wonderful.