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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 20, Team Scorpion is in charge of repairing a windmill. It sounds like an easy enough job, until Paige and Happy are trapped in a gondola that's about to plummets to the ground.

Walter and Toby are up in the control room of the turbine, while Sly and Cabe are on the ground. Happy talks the guys through how to start pulling the gondola up.

Sly was given the stone of valor by his group of friends (or, err knights) at the Warlock's Chest. While on the case, Sly presents Cabe with the Cape of Windsor and shares that he has been invited to be knighted as well. Cabe, not surprisingly, turns down the invitation.

Paige and Happy get to spend a lot of quality time in that gondola, which shouldn't be an issue. While Paige tries to keep her mind and Happy's occupied with wedding planning, a fight breaks out. Paige thinks that Happy doesn't consider her a friend because she isn't a genius. Ouch.

Meanwhile, the plan to pull the gondola up hits a snag. The gondola is too heavy, so the new plan is to have Paige and Happy climb up the cable, and Cabe will severe the gondola from the rest of the cable with a sniper riffle. A typical day on the job for Team Scorpion.

After almost electrocuting Paige and Happy, Walter and Toby are able to pull them back up to safety. 

Now, there's still that pesky best man battle. Even though Happy said that they weren't having a wedding party, the guys started to vie for Toby's vote. In the end, Toby picks Paige as his best ma'am.

This causes Happy to resort to Plan B. She made up with Paige after the case, and Happy was going to ask her to be her maid of honor. Instead, she gets the dudes of honor - Sly, Walter, and Cabe.

After Happy explains that he broke Sly's heart, Cabe shows up at the Warlock's Chest in the cape, and all is right with the world.

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Thanks to the DOE for giving us another shot. We love turbines, really big fans...you get it? Fans?


Cabe: How about the fact that without my sage advice, he would have never landed this little filly?
Happy: Now I'm being compared to a horse?