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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 21, Team Scorpion takes a private job for a six figure payday. The downside is that since it's a private job, Cabe cannot be involved.

The job is simple enough - grab a rocket out of the air in 24 hours. Okay, so it's simple in Team Scorpion terms. Sure enough, the team manages to safely get the rocket, and the meteor/asteroid/space rock that it is carrying safely to Earth.

Then, Team Scorpion discovers that the space rock contains pathogens that don't exist on Earth. Opening up the rocket would expose everyone nearby to the pathogens, and a lot of people could die.

The Hechnian president does not want to risk it, but his general refuses to return to his people empty handed. The president pretends to play along, while actually having his attaché fake Team Scorpion's death and help them destroy the space rock.

It's not easy, but Team Scorpion manages to destroy the space rock, and they are almost to safety when they overhear that the general has captured the president and his attaché. Thanks to Sly's negotiating skills, the president and attaché stay in power, and no one dies.

Meanwhile, Happy and Toby have been enjoying wedding planning. While they are off experiencing all the freebies that venue shopping has to offer, the rest of Team Scorpion is doing all the heavy lifting. Walter is struggling to understand that a wedding should be magical and about love, but thankfully, Paige is there to help him out.

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Walter: Now according to my research, your marriage only has a 47% chance of succeeding.
Paige: Are you kidding me?
Walter: No, the divorce rate is 53%. It's simple math.

I have used geometry to place tables for optimal traffic flow to get between the buffet, the dance floor, and the bathrooms.