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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 25, Team Scorpion is struggling to survive on the island. As Sly explains, things started well, but then tension broke Team Scorpion a part.

Monsoon season is fast approaching, so Team Scorpion needs to make their move now. Toby and Walter each come up with an idea on how to escape the island. Toby wants to build a float. He's made a couple so far, and none of them have done well.

Walter wants to create a large magnet, which will create disturbance in magnetic field, which would be noticed by a lot of scientists who do nothing but monitor the Earth's magnetic field. Scotty and Happy think Walter's plan is the best, while Cabe and Paige support Toby's plan.

Sly has turned into a hermit who stays in the bunker with his advisor, a lizard named Mitchell. Both plans require the radio in the bunker, and they will have to get Sly and Mitchell's approval to learn where Sly hid it.

Sly reveals that Happy helped Toby with his raft plans, and Paige helped Walter with his magnet plan. Sly states that both plans will fail. After threatening to eat Mitchell, Sly reluctantly takes the team to where he hid the radio.

The crank is missing. Ralph took it! He takes it upon himself to save Team Scorpion by combining the plans. He manages to create a disturbance, but he also manages to almost get blown up.

If it wasn't for Scotty tackling him, Ralph would be a goner. The explosion creates a sinkhole, taking Scotty and Ralph down. Team Scorpion puts aside their differences to save Scotty and Ralph.

There's a plane! It picked up the magnetic disturbance and is flying three times over the island to check it out. Thanks to Happy and Toby's wedding gifts, Team Scorpion is able to send up a message - S. Yeah, there isn't enough time for SOS, so S will have to suffice, and it does.

The plane spots Team Scorpion and the day is saved.

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 25 Quotes

Sly: My inevitable scurvy thanks you.
Paige: Be positive.
Sly: I am! I'm positive we're all going to die.

Sly: We need water. It will make our march to the grave less painful.
Toby: You've become a real ray of sunshine, you know that?