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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 24, Team Scorpion manages to crash land on a deserted island. Everyone manages to make it through the crash okay, except for the pilot, Scotty. His arm is pinned, and Toby says he only has an hour before toxins flood his blood stream.

Team Scorpion works on building a dialysis machine. Sly volunteers to go search for fruit in the dangerous jungle. He has accepted death, and therefore, he's not afraid anymore. The odds of survival are not in their favor, so Sly decides to stop stressing.

Meanwhile, Toby continues to learn surprising facts about Happy, and Walter struggles with being in love. He acts like a putz, as Sly says. Paige even has to tell him to knock it off with the flowers and nick names.

Sly finds a Japanese WII bunker, which has a radio! After some Team Scorpion ingenuity, the radio starts working again, and while they can't send a distress call out, they can hear that a cargo ship will be passing by the island soon.

Team Scorpion manages to free Scotty and get him on dialysis. Now, the next trick is getting a signal to the boat, so they can be rescued. The team quickly finds out that they don't have as much time as they thought to signal the trip. 

Thankfully, they find a flare gun. But Toby realizes that Scotty is suffering from internal bleeding, and they can use the flare to cauterize his wound. Walter splits up the flare: part of it goes to saving Scotty and the other to sending up a flare.

The ship doesn't turn around, and three weeks later, Team Scorpion is still stuck on that island. 

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 24 Quotes

Happy: I did a fix like this when I was ice road trucking.
Toby: When you were what now?

Walter: Guys, we're over the Pacific, so get your floatation devices ready.
Sly: Oh god, I forgot about the water. I am not a strong swimmer!