Scorpion Season 3 Episode 25 Review: Scorp Family Robinson

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How is Cabe walking around in a suit on an island for, what, three weeks?

On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 25, the quality time on the island drove the team crazy.

Three weeks is a very long time to be trapped with the same people, and it wasn't surprising that everyone started to get on each other's nerves.

Relationship Issues - Scorpion

It would have been nice to see more of the fractions among the group. Walter and Toby fighting wasn't surprising.

It honestly would have been more interesting to see someone like Paige or Cabe, a person who keeps Team Scorpion centered, be the one who was a little more on edge than everyone else. 

Sure, Paige snapped at Scotty, and Cabe told Sly that he sucked, but that was about it.

Those are pretty minor infractions compared to Toby and Walter's quest to be the one who saves the team with the best idea.

Still, it was a lot of fun to see the team divided. Team Scorpion in competition mode is always entertaining, especially when it's friendly.

Yeah, okay, there was a big deal made that the team should work together and be a family, but it's not like the Toby and Walter fight ever seemed that serious.

Perhaps it is because we know that they are only fighting because they have been stuck together for three weeks. 

We knew that once the team got off the island, everything would be okay.

The Team Scorpion divide was not actually that intense. Happy and Paige secretly helped out their significant others.

Neither Toby nor Walter said anything inexcusable that would have lasting repercussions and ruin a friendship, which is fine. There's not any need for that kind of drama.

Have you seen the size of the jungle parrots? They are drawn to Ralph, and. I am not going to let some neon bird eat my son!


This meant that the "working together" speeches should have been dialed down a notch, or, you know, never existed in the first place.

When Team Scorpion worked together to save Scotty and Ralph, that action could have been enough to mend the fractured relationships.

Speaking of Scotty, he's officially my favorite random character of the episode/case. He was always fun to watch, and he saved Ralph's life.

I didn't expect to love Scotty as much as I did. He was a great addition to the episode. 

All in all, the rivalry was a lot of fun.

Sly/Hagrid being the judge was absolutely hilarious. I'm actually going to miss super sarcastic, pessimistic Sly. He was so fun.

Sly: It's not up to me.
Cabe: So who do we ask, the lizard?
Sly: Don't be ridiculous. Mitchell is just an advisor.

Sly narrating the descent into chaos on the island was a fun narrative tool.

It allowed us to get a glimpse as to how everyone handled being on the island with the bonus of getting Sly's take on everything. 

As expected, Team Scorpion made its way off the island safely.

I'm sure no one has the desire to visit the beach anytime soon, but other than that, there were not any lasting ramifications of their time on the island.

Waige is taking things to the next level, and if Paige can survive three weeks on an island with Walter calling her all sorts of strange pet names, it's hard to imagine what could cause problems for them as they start dating.

It will be fun to see the two of them navigating being a couple, and I'm sure there will be some fun Quintis parallels.

If there's not a double date next season, I'm going to be upset.

Toby: I mean physically, daddy's wound up.
Happy: It was obvious the first time. I want to kick this marriage off too, but if you call yourself "daddy" again, we don't consummate, ever.

What did you think of the Scorpion season finale? Share your thoughts and hopes for next season in the comments below! 

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Scorp Family Robinson Review

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 25 Quotes

Sly: My inevitable scurvy thanks you.
Paige: Be positive.
Sly: I am! I'm positive we're all going to die.

Sly: We need water. It will make our march to the grave less painful.
Toby: You've become a real ray of sunshine, you know that?