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On Scorpion Season 4 Episode 7, Team Scorpion gets a call from an old friend, MI6 Agent Gleason. He says his colleague, Agent Jemma Franklin, needs their help on a case. A UK spy satellite that's armed with lasers has been hacked.

The majority of Team Scorpion trusts Jemma because Gleason vouches for her. Paige, however, gets a bad vibe from her. It doesn't help that Jemma somehow knows Cabe's been suspended, she refuses to let Paige alert Homeland to the mission, and she insists that she's present for when Sly accesses the satellite.

They manage to track the hacker relatively quickly, but he was ready for them. He sets his laptop on fire, and he flushes the keyfob that you need to access the satellite.  Toby and Cabe focus on trying to break the hacker while the rest of the team goes after the keyfob.

Happy flushes her "atta boy" keychain that she gave Toby because she installed a GPS tracker in it after Toby was kidnapped. This allows Team Scorpion to track the keyfob for a while. Then, the keychain got trapped while the keyfob found its way into a rat's mouth.

Oh, did I mention that Team Scorpion has a new neighbor? She's a chemist named Florence, and she's not a fan of Team Scorpion's noise. She interrupts Cabe and Toby's interesting interrogation technique.

Toby and Cabe learn the identify of the target, and after Sly falls into the sewer, Team Scorpion gets the keyfob. The day is saved, and the truth about Jemma comes out.

Team Scorpion didn't help her regain control of a British satellite. They helped her steal one.

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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Walter: Now, Ralph, what a woman wants, really wants, is for you to listen, truly hear what is troubling her.
Happy: Not half bad advice.
Walter: And then you can quickly solve that problem for her and move on to something more interesting.
Happy: Back to normal.

Some advice? K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Sylvester.