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Jason is processed after being arrested by NCIS. Bravo Team waits for an update. Soto tells team members they are under a no-contact order. Lindell knows no more than Jason. Jason is charged with killing an unarmed Jordanian civilian. He is sent to the brig during the investigation. Jason meets his JAG attorney, Lt. Commander William. She gets him released but tells him he can't talk to Bravo. Naima grills Ray about the Jordanian operation. Lindell informs Jason the charges are coming down from above him. Davis pushes Sonny to talk to Hannah about the baby. Sonny, Clay, Ray, and Davis get sent out with Echo on a mission to Colombia. Clay is surprised that Ray hasn't talked with Jason. Cell-phone video makes it appear like Jason shot an unarmed guard. Williams pushes Jason to take the plea deal but he refuses. Williams points out that Ray has his own lawyer and suggests pinning the blame on Ray but Jason again refuses. Ray is worried that Clay's testimony might cause additional problems. Lindell advices Jason to take solace in those outside of the Navy. Ray finds their target at home with his daughter. Jason meets up with Mandy. The other three cartel leaders have been shot but Bravo's target is hustled out of the room afterward. Clay shoots the target as he's fleeing in an SUV. Mandy convinces Jason to take his chances with a jury. Ray and Clay get into it over Jason. Davis again pushes Sonny to contact Hannah. Stella informs Clay that she can handle his operating world now. Davis testifies before the board. She talks to Ray afterward. Sonny receives an ultrasound image from Hannah. Clay visits Jason against orders. Williams tells Jason the trial board increased the charges to murder.

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SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Williams: Just go about your routine.
Jason: The team is my routine.

Different people, same shakedown.

Jason [to Williams]