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Jason and his attorney, Lt. Commander Williams, prepare for his court-martial for murder. Stella moves in with Clay. Jason calls Clay to have him talk with Ray. But Ray won't talk about the court-martial with him. Sonny is trying to help Hannah set up the nursery. Davis calls him to catch up. Davis hands Williams evidence that the man Jason killed was a terrorist. Cell-phone video shows Jason shooting the man. The judge won't let Williams play the video that Davis found. Lindell backs up Jason with his testimony. Bravo Team members did the best they could to support Jason. Ray's testimony is crucial. His testimony backs up Jason. The judge dismisses the charge of premediated murder after Ray said he killed the terrorist leader. But Jason still faces involuntary murder. Jason wants Williams to put him on the stand. She does so. The prosecutor can't get a rise out of Jason. But the question of which happens to the gun remains. Sonny gives Davis an idea to follow up on for court. Emma makes Jason his favorite meal of linguini. Davis finds a photo of the dead man wearing the gun Jason described from two days earlier. Jason is found not guilty after Williams' impassioned closing. There is a celebration afterward at Ray's house. Jason and Ray hug. Clay apologizes to Ray for their interactions. Sonny announces that he's going to be a father. Naima overhears some of what Ray went through by eavesdropping on Bravo. Davis didn't get the job with Echo because of the investigation of Bravo. They weigh breaking up. Clay returns home to see how Stella had rearranged his place. He takes down the Bravo flag for her. Naima is angry with Ray not telling what he went through. Emma reads his team's testimonials to Jason. 

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SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

You need to go back to your JAG's office. You can't run from this.

Emma [to Jason]

I can't believe I asked a hoarder to move in with me.

Clay [to Stella]