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Tess comes to the rescue of her team, but she’s alone. The Intelligence Unit members spray down cover fire and get away. Tess never sees their faces. Later, Internal Affairs officers arrive as the only back up that didn’t abandon the team.


At the warehouse, they find cocaine being shipped in fake apples but Ramsay has doctored the paperwork to make it look like the warehouse and Magnolia Corporation are Wozniak’s and not his. 


When Wozniak questions Bennett he lets it slip that Ramsay has an informant in Internal Affairs. Wozniak goes to Nate to get in touch with a hacker that Woz believes changed the paperwork on Magnolia, but Nate shares that his newspaper is working on a story about Wozniak having ties to the cartel and then arresting a member of the Intelligence Unit to deflect blame. Nate seems to believe the story. 


The Sergeant threatens to suspend Tess for pulling a gun on her partner. Furious, she heads to the Captain’s office but Tufo stops her, knowing that she could end up losing her job. Later, Tess tells Wozniak that she’s in debt for $157,412. Later, an Intelligence Officer approaches Tess offering to pay off her debts if she switches sides.


Wozniak convinces Verco to put in a warrant to find the hacker that changed the records, believing there’s an informant in Internal Affairs. When Wozniak tells Ramsay that Bennett is the one who told him about the hacker, Ramsay reveals that the hacker just died in a car accident. Verco is upset that yet another person is dead.


Harlee gets the call that Gina Romero has been found dead in her apartment but the detectives on the case won’t let Harlee anywhere near it because she crossed the blue wall. 


Harlee and Cole find the bloody knife in her car. He realizes she’s being framed by Stahl and offers to dispose of it, but Harlee wants to take care of it herself. Little does she know that Stahl is taking pictures of her putting the knife in a bag. Instead of disposing of the knife, Harlee brings it to the FBI and turns it over to Agent Myers. What Harlee doesn’t know is the Myers is in a relationship with Stahl who is telling her that Harlee is the one that needs to be taken down. 


Cole leads Harlee to Vanessa Ruiz, Enrique’s girlfriend who can identify Bennett as a corrupt cop, but when they bring her in for a lineup, the other officers bring Bennett through the lobby, scaring Vanessa, who runs. Bennett is released from custody. 


Harlee gets Cole to stall on picking up Bennett and she and Wozniak take him for a ride. Wozniak wants Harlee to kill him in retribution for Nava’s death but Harlee refuses. Instead, they release Bennett at One Police Plaza with Ramsay watching. 


Cole is terrified when Ramsay calls him in. Ramsay must realize that only Bennett or Cole could have let Harlee and the team know where to find Vanessa. Harlee convinces Cole not to run, but he convinces her to make it look as though he’s been tortured because he believes it’s the only way Ramsay won’t kill him. 


Back home, Nate and Wozniak argue. After Nate leaves, Wozniak has a severe pain in his back. He falls and slams his head on the counter and is unconscious. 

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Harlee: Our sole responder is Tess?
Tufo: Kamikaze style.
Espada: Alone?
Tufo: And crazier than we thought.
Wozniak: Sometimes crazy is good.

Espada: Thirty-four thousand cops in the city and only two still like us?
Wozniak: It's a start.