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It's COVID-19 times and the Gallaghers are doing what they can to keep themselves with money. 

Frank is using a college student to say that he knows a lot about the South Sidein exchange for lots and lots of alcohol. 

Kev and V have started selling weed out the bar and make out that things are hunky dory. 

However, they struggle when they are not supposed to have the bar opened. 

Meanwhile, Debbie finds out she is on the register but it says she slept with a 7 year old. 

Her girlfriend makes her an Instagram and says that she is wrongfully convicted. 

Ian and Mickey bicker over what to do about their relationship and whether to be monogomous with each other. 

Then there is Tami and Lip, who are gearing up for some big changes as they move into their home. 

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Shameless Season 11 Episode 1 Quotes

This is our Chicago and we're gonna enjoy every fucking minute of it.


Are you hot, lesbian, convict lady? Would, you, um, like to buy some cookies, hot lesbian convict lady?

Debbie's Girlfriend