Shameless Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Tell Me You F**king Need Me

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Is it really over?

That will undoubtedly be the question on many fans' minds as they finished Shameless Season 5 Episode 7. It sure did seem like it was really over for Fiona and Jimmy/Steve, but I have my doubts. Bringing him back at the end of Shameless Season 4 was such a big surprise and for this to be his real swan song would be a bit of letdown.

Are we supposed to get invested in Fiona and Gus? Because I'm just not. 

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I was kind of surprised Fiona confessed to Gus so quickly, but it did show some maturity on her part. 

Fiona: No, I have to tell you something.
Gus: What's wrong?
Fiona: I slept with my ex.
Gus: You slept with...Since we've been married?
Fiona: Yesterday.
Gus: We had sex yesterday.

Gus was pissed, naturally, but the last thing I thought he'd want to do is meet Jimmy/Steve. There's just no way meeting the person your wife cheated on you with ends up any other way than someone getting punched in the face. 

I don't have anything against Gus and it really is sweet the way he cares about Fiona, but I don't know anything about him. So if the writers are going to push this, then we need a Fiona/Gus centric episode so we can fall in love with him like Fiona has. 

Gus saw Jimmy/Steve for what he is – an arrogant jerk. And Jimmy/Steve proved him right by lying to Fiona once last time. The real question now is, can Fiona really move on? 

Jimmy/Steve: Take care of yourself, Fiona Gallagher.
Fiona: You take care of yourself, whatever the hell your real name is!

Sayonara, Jimmy/Steve. Or better yet, Jimmy/Steve/Jack. 

After the emotions of Shameless Season 5 Episode 6, we only checked in on Ian a few times to see that he was not adjusting well to his mandatory hold. He also wasn't accepting the fact that he was sick. 

It was interesting to keep seeing how the other patients reacted to Ian's behavior. When Fiona and Mickey came to visit him with pies and overly friendly smiles, Ian withdrew and zoned them out completely. 

When he gets out next week, I'm very curious to see how he's going to interact with everyone. Will he be on medication? Will he continue seeking help? I truly hope so. 

The Sammi and Frank war hit an all time high this week and you can't really blame Sammi for being upset. Out of everyone, she has done her best to look after Frank and he doesn't appreciate a damn thing. The rest of the Gallagher children are immune to Frank at this point, but for whatever reason Sami keeps trying.

I guess it really comes down to her being needy, like Frank has suggested. She has loved jumping into Fiona's place as the resident Gallagher "mother" and she desperately wants Frank to lean on her and appreciate her. 

Well, Sammi, Frank is never going to appreciate you. When that finally started to sink in, Sammi flew off the handle and pulled out a gun on Frank. 

Sammi: If you don't get out right now, I will shoot you.
Frank: Go ahead. You don't have the guts.

Did you think she was really going to shoot him? I didn't. I was shocked when I saw the blood trickling from his arm, as was Frank. If she thinks things are going to get better between them now, she's mistaken. Frank is a spiteful jerk and this feud is far from over. 

As far as the other Gallaghers go, Debbie got herself a legitimate boyfriend! It was pretty clear Debbie and Derek were crushing on each other this week and I'm glad Debbie put herself out there. 

And you know what they say, a couple that sings Maroon 5 songs together, stays together!

Lip found out he never filled out his financial aid papers and thus he was unable to start classes. His anger at the family was a little misplaced, as I find it really hard to believe a smart guy like Lip didn't realize he had to fill out papers every year.

It's a good thing he and Amanda's dad are buddy buddy now because I have a feeling he's going to go to him for help.

In exchange for helping Chuckie on the first day of school, Carl had Chuckie become his slave. It's not the most original storyline, but Chuckie saying "Uncle Carl" will never get old.

V and Kev have cemented their separation by living apart. V is now staying above the Alibi and Kev is alone with the girls. Well, not really alone now that Svetlana has moved in. This is a horrible, terrible, rotten idea. V is going to flip when she finds out and I'm afraid it's going to drive the wedge between them even further apart. 

Ugh. The Fiona/Jimmy/Steve/Jack breakup is enough. We can't lose V and Kev, too!

Alright people, what did you think about this weeks installment? Do you think this is really the last time we will see Jimmy/Steve/Jack? Are you rooting for Fiona and Gus? Were you shocked when Sammi shot Frank? Are V and Kev really done?

Make sure you leave a comment so we can discuss!

Tell Me You F**king Need Me Review

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Shameless Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Carl: You should quit while you're ahead.
Debbie: He'll out-Frank ya every time.

Fiona: No, I have to tell you something.
Gus: What's wrong?
Fiona: I slept with my ex.
Gus: You slept with...Since we've been married?
Fiona: Yesterday.
Gus: We had sex yesterday.