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Debbie realized that there was a good chance she was being kicked out of the Gallagher home if she didn't manage to come up with the money, so she asked Frank for some money-making tips. 

However, she quickly realized there was something off when she was in the street, fighting with some woman over who gets the corner. Just before, she met Derek's family member. 

Later, she was being investigated for causing harm to her baby. 

Fiona was using Tinder hookups as a way to pass the time and found out that she should be trying to increase her income. She went to the boss of Patsy's to ask for a raise, but she was not around and ended up arguing with Chad. 

Later, the boss showed up and told Fiona that she is getting $25 extra every week and there would be no negotiating. 

Carl found out that there was a real chance he could make it to military school if his family came from a certain place, so he got tested. 

Ian struggled with his feelings for Trevor and it led to the two of them arguing about where they stand with one another. 

Frank's homeless shelter was saved by a billionaire philanthropist and it made Frank think that he owned the house.

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Shameless Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Fiona: Is that a new washer getting delivered to Frank?
Carl: Even the homeless get better stuff than us.

Woman: Who is married to whom?
Kev, Svetlana and V: We're married.